Dr. Mishra, Deepak

Deepak Mishra is a doctor in Germany specializing in the field of Orthopedics. He works at a leading Joint Replacement Centre in Germany. His special interests lie in the conservative and surgical treatment of Joint Diseases, Degenerative Spine Diseases, Emergency, and Trauma Care. He also runs a page called


Education and Training :  

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, MUHS, India
  • Specialist Training in Orthopedics and Trauma surgery
  • Helios Klinikum, Northeim, Germany
  • University Hospital, Halle ( Saale), Germany
  • University Hospital, Essen, Germany


Additional Certification: 

  • Advanced Trauma Life Support Provider
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Doctor


Daily Activity Includes :

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients with Joint and Back Problems.
  • Regular Participation in Endoprosthetic Replacement Surgeries of Hip, Knee, and Shoulder Joints.
  • Injection Therapie of Joints and Spine.
  • Management of Chronic and Acute Pain Conditions.


My Thoughts : 

In my daily work as a Surgeon, I come across people who are in a reduced mental state and depressed as they must live in constant pain with reduced mobility even with pain medications. The reduced mobility, in turn, causes Obesity, worsens Diabetes and Hypertension. The extent of Disability caused by degenerative bone and joint diseases must not be underestimated.

Degeneration and Osteoporosis of Bones and Joints with age is a natural phenomenon and cannot be stopped. However, with proper care and preventive measures, the degeneration can be slowed down, and mobility can be maintained even in the elderly years. An essential tool to maintain a flexible body and bring positive energy in our life is Yoga, which I have inculcated in my daily routine and recommend my patients to do as well.

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