Welcome my dear Yoginis and Yogis. My name is Sumeet and I am a mathematician. Coming from India, it is impossible to miss out on Yoga. As a kid I saw my father often meditating and doing Yoga, but I never really paid attention to it.

We created this page to give you an experience of the ancient and authentic art of Yoga. Nowadays everyone is talking about the benefits it brings, often making baseless claims. Therefore we are presenting you all Yoga can offer through the eyes of Doctors and experience.

Especially in the west, Yoga is just seen as an exercise and the life changing Kriyas (breathing techniques) are fairly unknown. If you just want to see it as a workout you are free to do it. But I can tell you from my experience with, nasty depressive phases and anxiety attacks, that performing daily Yoga and Kriya helped me to get over my mental issues. I would like to go so far that it helped me to gain greater emotional stability.

After experiencing the power of Yoga, my curiosity was sparked and I wanted to know more about it. Hence I started to go down the rabbit hole, which was called India. Everyone knows that Yoga originated, flourished and survived for centuries in India. After quitting my job I traveled through it, in the pursuit of ancient Yogic knowledge. On my adventure I met people who lived the life of a yogi, as it was done centuries ago. There I learned something very important.

Twisting, stretching and bending your body is an important part, but not all of it. There are certain breathing exercises and food habits, which can be followed. I also learned about Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga. Performed together it led many humans to lasting health and happiness. My team and I felt that we wanted to spread this message with the world.

Therefore we want to share with you the scientifically proven benefits of Yoga. Since I don’t qualify as a Doctor,  I can’t and won’t write about the health benefits it brings. Understanding and explaining about them will be done by Doctors and Psychologists.

A lot of our content has been written and reviewed by a qualified Doctor.

I strongly hope that you will like our content. We will try our best by writing articles that you won’t find anywhere and try to keep it as simple as possible.


Founder of Yogic-Experience


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Better known as the Hoop Yogi, she helps us to make our descriptions for the postures practical. She embodies being flexible and has accomplished 300-hours of Yoga Master Level training.
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The founder of this page. As a mathematician I love science and Yoga helped me immensely in my personal development- I wish that for all human beings.
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A mother, fashion enthusiast, a fulltime Yogini, the senior writer and chief editor. She is a Sari lover and has mastered the art of performing Yoga in it.
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A clinical psychologist working in an indian Hospital, she is responsible for all the articles surrounding mental health. She was amazed how much Yoga helped her patients to recover.
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He is a specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology and he works in a hospital in Essen, Germany. His expertise flows into our articles regarding Yoga postures and everything which has to do with anatomy.
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He graduated from one of the finest medical schools in India. Currently he is in Germany to pursue higher studies in medicine and to learn the language. He was also one of the core committee members in TEDx Pandri. As a general practitioner he reviews a lot of our articles.
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Our Ayurvedic Doctor fully trained in India. He has an Ayurvedic Degree which is only available in India, called BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery). Right now he lives in Saint Petersburg.
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