How to meditate properly? The ultimate Guide on how to do it!

How to Meditate Properly

Medically reviewed by Dr. Rai Meditation is a generations-old practice that is thought to have originated in India thousands of years ago. Though meditation has a long cultural history, it has evolved from a religious concept to something that now appears more fashionable than spiritual.  The idea of meditation may appear simple to many – […]

The Scientific Approach to Yoga for Depression – Calming Poses and Informative studies

Medical parts were written by Dr. Rai Millions of people are suffering from depression, making it a leading mental health disorder throughout the world. Depression causes disinterest in daily activities and triggers feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and worthlessness. Over a period, depression could lead to severe physical and emotional issues. Some people might even develop […]

Viparita Karani – The Wonderful Inverted Yoga Pose With Scientific Benefits

Medically parts are written by Dr. Rai Viparita Karani is classified as a form of Kaya yoga mudra. Kaya mudras means Asanas, pranayama, and concentration are all combined. Kaya mudra combines the entire body with breathing and concentration practice to create asana, unlike ordinary yoga hand mudras.  Viparita means “reverse” in Sanskrit, while Karani denotes […]

Yoga Nidra – A Guided Sleep With Phenomenal Scientific Benefits

Medical parts were written by Dr. Rai So you’re not into dripping and holding poses in a hot room? That’s all right. But don’t abandon yoga just yet. Did you guys know there’s a form of yoga where all you have to do is relax on a mat, rug, or even your bed? Are you […]