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Best Yoga Wheels For Healthy Stretching

Yoga is an art of exercises that lets your body, mind, and soul stretch to their maximum capacity. Yoga wheels are beneficial yoga accessories that enhance the glee of stretching asanas safely. Performing yoga with an aesthetically designed wheel deepens your stretches and increases flexibility. Yoga wheels come with excellent benefits and can take your yoga practice to the next level. You can also use it on your office chair as back support to keep your spine erect and sit in a healthy position. 

This article will discuss yoga wheels, their benefits, how to use a yoga wheel, any disadvantages of yoga wheels, and how to buy the best yoga wheels. Later, we’ll present to you the top 5 best yoga wheels to choose from.

What Is A Yoga Wheel?

It is an incredible therapeutic tool to enhance your yoga practice. It is a round, ring-shaped device made from cork or plastic with foam padding. It comes in different sizes and is used to stretch muscles and boost blood circulation. No matter if you are a beginner or an amateur yogi, you can perform its exercises all by yourself.

Yoga Wheels Benefits

Practicing yoga with wheels has immense physical and health benefits. Some of the essential yoga wheel benefits include:

  • Helps Perform Difficult Stretches Safely: Inversion (a yoga pose when the heart is above the ground compared to the head) and backbend are quite difficult poses to perform. But yoga wheel stretches let you enjoy these poses safely and efficiently.
  • Back Massage: Another attractive benefit is using yoga wheels for back pain and massaging your spine. You can rub a yoga wheel for back pain by lying your back on yoga wheels and using your legs to move up and down. It may also help relieve back pain.
  • Prevents Injury: It provides support while performing various asanas and prevents injuries. It gives you the freedom to stretch to your maximum capacity safely.
  • Improves Flexibility: Adding a yoga wheel to your daily routine helps to gain confidence while stretching. You will get increased flexibility of hip muscles essential for inversions and backbends. 
  • Improves Breathing: Many people work most of their office hours sitting in a chair. It results in a sunken posture. The spine mobility gets reduced, and the body becomes immovable and firmer. Yoga wheels, allowing us to do backbends and increase the body movements, also enhance diaphragm functions, which leads to improved breathing.
  • Improves Stamina: The yoga wheel may also help build your stamina and strength. We recommend you to use it for its immense benefits. 
  • Keep Your Spine Erect: You can put in between your office chair and your back, supporting your back and spine to be erect. It corrects your postures and improves the punching of your back.

How to Choose One of the Best Yoga Wheels?

You may find many yoga wheels in the market, but only a few are the best. Certain factors separate the ordinary yoga wheels from the best ones. Let’s delve into the features that make a yoga wheel the best yoga wheel for stretching.

Weight Limit

You should pick a wheel for yoga that can withstand double your weight. It must not bend or break while you are sitting and standing on it. However, if you want to do only stretching exercises, you can go for a lower weight limit yoga wheel.


Yoga wheels come in three standard sizes. The mini wheels are suitable for people with petite body structures. The standard wheel should work for all body types.


Yoga wheels are made from cork or ABS Plastic(a thermoplastic polymer). Although ABS plastic may be more durable, it is not eco-friendly. Cork might be expensive than plastic but is more sustainable. Hence, we recommend going for cork yoga wheels because cork is durable, sturdy, and eco-friendly. 


Foam is a commonly used material for padding. Padding thickness varies from wheel to wheel, and so does the comfort level. Some paddings are odor and sweat resistant. The sweat-absorbing paddings may give an unpleasant smell after some uses.


It is another essential feature of the yoga wheel. The best yoga wheels for stretching offer a good grip and don’t slip and slide while performing on them.

You can perform many yoga wheel stretches with yoga wheels. It is a perfect stretching tool that can be used to do back ends, headstands, wall stands, knee tucks, planks, etc. You can also perform some balancing exercises on it. Some other exercises and yoga wheel pose include: 

  • Wheel-assisted Child Pose
  • Reclining Easy Pose
  • Wheel-assisted Fish Pose
  • Wheel-assisted Upward-FacingTwo-Foot Staff Pose
  • Wheel-assisted Half Pyramid Pose
  • Wheel-assisted Lizard Lunge
  • Yoga Wheel Crow Pose 

Tips For Better Use Of A Yoga Wheel

  • Start Slow. Take a chill pill and be careful while using a yoga wheel for stretching.  Always do some warm-up exercises before starting.
  • Don’t overstretch. People doing more and more yoga wheels exercises or putting more pressure on their neck may suffer from neck or spine injury.
  •  Stretch carefully and cautiously.
  • Cleaning. Make a habit of cleaning your yoga wheel daily for prolonged durability. You can wipe it with a towel or use a scrub to clean the inner circle and padding. 

Top 6 Yoga Wheels For Healthy Stretching

Now that we’ve learned a lot about yoga wheels, how they can help improve our health in different ways, and how to use a yoga wheel. Let’s go through the top 6 yoga wheels we’ve selected after researching and testing various products through the market.

1. REEHUT Yoga Wheel – Back Pain for Strong Premium Back-Roller, Stretcher with Thick Cushion for Dharma Yoga Pose, Backbend & Stretching

Do you want to enjoy yoga? Of course, you want to. Then we have the solution in the form of a REEHUT yoga wheel. Now you can perform each yoga pose with confidence and ease. It is made from TPE (a recyclable plastic and is generally safe to use) foam and releases stress on you and nature. Provide comfort to your back and hands.

It is 12.6″ (32cm) diameter, 5″ (12.7 cm) wide, and can withstand a weight of around 330 lbs (149.68 kg). Being superlight, therefore, it is travel-friendly 2.86 lb (1.29 kg). You can easily build your flexibility and stamina by stretching your body. The features like anti-skid and sweat-resistant help to enjoy various stretching exercises. 

The wheel comes with anti-bacterial features. So, you are not required to clean the wheels. What are you waiting for, lazy bums! Just grab this yoga wheel and perform various poses with confidence.


  • Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly
  • Comes with an anti-bacterial coating
  • It can withstand 330 lbs (149,68kg)
  • Reasonable price
  • High on resisting the impact
  • Stable
  • Sweat-resistance material provides optimal grip


  • Padding may not be a good option for heavy-weight people
  • Might not be very comfortable while using it

2. Pete’s choice Dharma Yoga Wheel- Comfortable & Durable, Increase Flexibility and Ideal Back Stretcher

Dharma wheel for yoga is often the right choice for yoga enthusiasts who are looking for a yoga wheel for back pain. It is one of the right choices for homemakers and office goers. Lightweight and comfy wheels help to relax your body. It offers deep massage to the back and improves posture and balance. 

Dharma wheel for yoga is made from 100 percent top-quality materials. It is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. The material is safe, impact-resistant, and durable. You can easily challenge yourself to complete the next level of exercise. The regular practice of yoga with wheel will help you to get rid of back pain. You can easily tone your body. The sizes are 13″ (33cm) diameter and 5.1″ (12,95 cm) width

There are different combinations available with yoga straps and yoga blocks. An eco-friendly option in cork is also accessible.


  • Temperature –resistance
  • Practical strap for providing additional support
  • Sturdy and robust to sustain the weight up to 350 lbs (158,75 kg)
  • Durable and safe
  • Withstand 
  • After the purchase, you will get a free eBook
  • Lifetime warranty, peace of mind guarantee


  • Not suitable for heavyweight people
  • Some don’t get an ebook (Take initiative and sent them an email)
  • Missing strap in some shipments

3. Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel- Back Pain, Stretching, Improving Flexibility, and Backbends.

A California-based company designs it. It was made for yoga addicts. This fantastic yoga wheel is made for you if you love to challenge yourself. Reach the next level of fitness by adding it to your daily routine. 

It comes with a robust inner core that can withstand up to 500 lbs (226.80 kgs) in weight. The anti-skid padding provides extra safety and comfort. The padding is eco-friendly that offers support to the back so that you can try different poses. 

Also, bacteria-free and sweat-free padding will help to work without any worries of germs. It is a light-weight yoga wheel that can be transported easily. You can select this wheel if you want to build a robust and flexible body.


  • Perfect to use for both advanced yogis and beginners.
  • The best yoga wheel for back pain
  • Increases flexibility
  • Provides extra support and comfort for performing any type of exercise
  • 60 days money-back guarantee and 1 Year warranty of there are manufacturing defects
  • Designed and made by a US operated company 
  • Suitable for plus size people


  • Might be too wide
  • Padding is quite thick that can be hard for beginners
  • A few buyers prefer foam rollers

4. ATIVAFIT Sports Yoga Wheel – Back Pain, improve Yoga Poses, Perfect for Stretching, and Improving Flexibility and Backbends

It is an attractive yoga wheel that is curated for providing relief from back pain. It also improves flexibility, balance, and strength of the upper body. Made up of top-quality material and can sustain the approx. 220 lbs (99.80 kgs) of weight. It is available 12” (30.50cm) ,10’’ (25.4cm) and 5’’ (12.7cm) diameter.

You can easily do different poses with the ATIVAFIT yoga wheel. It supports stretching back, chest, and hips. You can also tone your upper body, as well as increasing your core strength. The thick padding protects the body while performing exercises. 

The material is safe, durable, and stable. It is lightweight and portable so you can carry it anywhere. Don’t be conscious of body odor as it is odorless and sweat-resistant. You can also use this yoga wheel to ease the stress from your back. 


  • Eco-friendly and premium wheel material
  • Affordable
  • Available in different colors
  • Thick padding 0.2” (6mm) provides comfort and support to the back, feet, and palm.
  • Odorless and sweat-resistant material
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not happy
  • Very light, it weighs about 2.2 lbs (1kg)


  • We found it to be wobbly

5. URBNFit Yoga Wheel & Strap Set – Designed for Dharma Yoga Wheel Pose – for Stretching and Increased Flexibility

This Wheel comes with a strap, as an addition, to perfect your Yogic experience. The manufacturer URBNFit has great confidence in their product, which is the reason they are giving you lifetime guarantee. It measures around 12” (30.48 cm) in diameter and can withstand 500 lbs (226.79 kg). Made from anti-flex PVC material. It is quite durable and sturdy. And it comes with a free guide that is beneficial for beginners. 

It offers a good option for people who want to increase the flexibility of the body. Also, it helps to perform different stretching exercises. 


  • Comes with a user guide
  • Sweat-resistant and soft foam
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee 
  • It’s a yoga wheel and strap set combo
  • Well built
  • Affordable 


  • It is less durable, according to the customer’s reviews.
  • Some customers have experienced the issue of wheel snapping
  • The shipments are missing the strap

6. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set – Strongest & Most Comfortable, Back Pain and Stretching

If you are confused about sizes, then you can go for this fantastic yoga wheelset. It has three different sizes that help to perform various poses. It is the right choice as each wheel can support approximately 550 lbs (250 kg approx) of weight. It comes with a full padded from the exterior. 

Three different sizes are 12” (30.50cm) ,10’’ (25.4cm) and 6’’(15.24cm) diameter. It is recommended to start with the large yoga wheel. They don’t bend or flex with pressure. The set is the best choice as compared to the foam roller. It is light in weight and comes with a sweat-wicking feature. 

Additionally, it comes with a money-back guarantee, returns, and full refund. So, this is one of the great yoga wheels that you can go for!


  • It has three yoga wheels of different sizes.
  • Has thick padding outside for extra comfort
  • Comes in attractive colors
  • Efficient and works better than a foam roller
  • Sturdy!
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a Yoga Wheel Guide PDF including 18 poses
  • Excellent customer service, 30 days money back if you are not happy


  • Few customers have reported peeling of rubber
  • Exercises for the 6” (15.24cm) wheel in the PDF are missing
  • Might be too expensive

Conclusion: Our Pick For The Winner

The yoga wheel exercises can hugely influence the overall mental and physical health. Also, it is quite essential to use the tool in the right manner. It helps to increase yoga practice and perform complicated poses. You can also get rid of body pain, improve strength, balance, and flexibility. 

Our choice for the best yoga wheel is UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set. It helps to strengthen abs, upper body parts, and lower body parts. It is available in three sizes and various colors. Its thick padding with sweat-resistant features provides extra comfort and cushion. It is one of the strongest of its kind.

Therefore, we recommend you go for the UpCircleSeven Yoga wheelset. You will be able to perform all kinds of stretching exercises. It is quite comfortable and easy to use. It also provides excellent value for money. The yoga wheel is becoming quite popular among yogis. It is one of the best tools to increase yoga practice. 

Sri Lakshmi