What Candles Are Good for Meditation

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What candles are good for meditation and how to choose the right type of candle?

Candles have been used for centuries in various practices, such as religious ceremonies, aromatherapy, and relaxation techniques. Recently, many people have been using candles for meditation. Although candles are often viewed as decorative items or a simple fragrance, they can aid in meditation by creating a calm environment and promoting focus and mindfulness. In this article, we will tell you what candles are good for meditation, why candles can be an excellent tool for meditation and how they can help people achieve a deep sense of serenity and inner peace. Let’s dive in.

What Candles are good for Meditation?

Meditation can be difficult to consider as a hobby for some people because it involves “being,” not “doing.” However, it can still be classified as a hobby for those who practise it in their leisure time. Whether you choose to do meditation as a hobby or as a daily practice to soothe your soul, it is beneficial in both ways as it aids in calming your mind. It is a powerful tool for overcoming stress and anxiety and reducing high blood pressure and heart rate. Repeated, consistent meditation practice trains the mind to act according to a person’s desires. To focus during meditation, different methods are employed by different individuals. Some concentrate on their breathing or on a specific object, while others may light a scented candle. Not only do aromatic candles create an atmosphere of spirituality with their mesmerising aroma, but they also provide a focal point for the mind. The flickering fire from the candles has a trance-inducing effect. The fragrance of the candles stimulates a specific part of the brain, which enhances the effect of meditation. Hence, meditation candles aid in creating a calm ambiance suited for the process. Candles are also an excellent way to relax and soothe the senses, facilitating a positive mindset.

Are Scented Candles Good for Health?

So, considering buying a scented candle, it’s essential to be careful about what you choose. If you suffer from asthma or any respiratory issues, some aromatic candles may have a negative impact on your health. That said, some brands actually take these concerns seriously and make candles with ingredients that won’t harm you. 

Do Scented Candles Really Help With Meditation?

Scented candles can add to the meditation experience, providing an element of aromatherapy. By incorporating the use of pleasant aromas into your meditation, you can deepen your practice and enhance your overall sense of relaxation. The candles’ fragrance can also help eliminate any negative energy present in the environment. When engaging in candle meditation or gazing, your focus is heightened, and your mindfulness is further developed. Candles can create a unique meditation environment, helping you to unwind and relax in a more tranquil setting. 

How to Use A Candle While Meditating?

  1. The use of candles in meditation has been a widespread practice for centuries. It is known to help still the mind and create a soothing and calming environment. 
  2. Combining aromatherapy scents with candles during meditation can enhance the overall experience, as it has the ability to improve focus and promote relaxation.
  3. When it comes to meditation, many people envision someone sitting with their eyes closed. But did you know you can also practise using a candle with your eyes open? This technique, known as Trataka or candle gazing meditation, allows you to focus your attention outward. 
  4. Adding candles to your meditation practice can bring a refreshing change of pace.
  5. When you practise Trataka, you light a candle and keep your eyes open while meditating. A research study conducted in 2014 shows that Trataka can also have a significant effect on cognitive functions in the elderly.
  6. You focus outward, directly on the candle’s flame, to improve concentration and activate your third chakra
  7. Many believe this practice effectively enhances your overall well-being. 

How can candles be used for meditation?

  1. Begin by lighting your candle and placing it at a safe distance of about 2 feet away from you

In order to start your candle meditation, you should begin by lighting your candle and placing it at a safe distance of about 2 feet away from you. Take appropriate measures to ensure that the container you place is fireproof and all precautionary measures are taken before you start. Before beginning, ensure that the environment is free of drafts and that the room is entirely dark.

  1. Find a comfortable seated position and take a deep breath in and out at a steady pace

Focus your attention on each breath as it flows in and out of your body. If you’re in need of a good meditation cushion set, be sure to check out our article available here. Continue to breathe until your whole body feels relaxed and calm.

  1. For gazing candle meditation open your eyes and let your gaze settle on the middle of the flame

If you want to give gazing at the candle a shot, open your eyes and let your gaze settle on the middle of the flame. Alternatively, if you’re not interested in trying this technique, continue your deep breathing as you bask in the calming aroma of the candle.

  1. Stare at the flickering flame without blinking your eyes too much

 Lose yourself in its dance and try to focus on it as long as possible. If you get distracted, observe this distraction before gently bringing your awareness back to the candlelight that keeps flickering.

  1. Notice any thoughts or awareness that arise and observe them without judgement

Allow them to pass through your mind and continue this practice for as long as it feels appropriate. Remember to be gentle with yourself and the thoughts that come up.

  1. Close your eyes and picture the flame radiating pure, unconditional love

Watch as the love flows out from the flame, spreading throughout the entire room. As it reaches you, allow it to clear away any negative thoughts and fill you with joy and light.

  1. Focus on the flame and visualise it to burn away your feelings of resentment and guilt

The flame of a candle has the power to burn away any negative emotions or thoughts that you may have. By focusing on the flame and visualising it, burning away your feelings of resentment, guilt, jealousy, bitterness, depression, hatred, fear, or insecurity, you can allow love and positivity to take their place. Just imagine the flame acting as a cleansing agent, removing all negativity and filling you with light and positive energy.

  1. Mindfulness can be significantly aided by candle flames

Take the time to observe the flame in detail. Begin with the top of the flame, and pay attention to the hue as well as the smoke trailing off. 

  1. Move down the flame as you watch the colour shift

Be aware of the air in the room, seeing how the flame reacts to your breath. Notice the smell of the flame and the way the smoke ascends from the candle and fills the room.

  1. Bring the light from the flame into your heart (metaphorically of course)

When you light a flame on a flammable object, it creates another flame. This can continue indefinitely, making the flame never-ending. Bring the light from the flame into your heart and focus on sending it out to everyone in your life to spread joy and positivity. Even others who have previously offended or mistreated you should get the light. 

  1. Play soft music and imagine the flame as a dancer, moving

As the light from the candle spreads, it fills the whole world with joy. To make candle meditation more enjoyable, you can play soft music and imagine the flame as a dancer, moving with the rhythm of the beat.

  1. Try going beyond just visualisation

If you’re looking to take your candle flame meditation techniques to the next level, try going beyond just visualisation. Focus on the light from the flame spreading out from you, bringing positivity and illumination to those who are suffering. 

  1. Imagine the light guiding you toward discovering your true purpose

See the flame spreading love and understanding in places of hatred and fear. Imagine the light guiding you toward discovering your true purpose and leading you to a fulfilled and content life. 

  1. Take at least five minutes to lie down

After meditating, take at least five minutes to lie down and allow your body and mind to come back to a grounded state. This meditation can be a great tool to improve your concentration skills and typically lasts around 15 to 30 minutes. The best part is candle meditation can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. So, when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, light a candle and focus on the flame. Doing so can help you relax and clear your mind. And the bonus? You can hone your focus and achieve results in no time! 

What are the Benefits of Scented Candles for Meditation?

Meditation is about letting go of thoughts. To calm the mind and reduce distracting thoughts, directing your focus on the rhythm of your breath will help you stay present. By keeping your mind grounded at the moment rather than being preoccupied with worries about the past and future, you can release pent-up anxiety and negative emotions.

  1. Helps you relax faster

When using them, the soft light and pleasant aroma they produce create a soothing and calming atmosphere. The combination of these elements can help to calm your mind and body, making it easier for you to feel relaxed. Overall, meditative candles provide a great way to unwind and destress after a long day.

  1. Helps you stay grounded and centred

They allow you to be receptive to the messages of the Universe and your intuition. By creating calm and relaxed energy, you are more likely to receive insights and inspiration. Additionally, letting go of worries and fears becomes easier, allowing your creativity to flow freely. In other words, meditation candles can be a helpful tool in finding peace and connecting with your inner self.

  1. Enables you to manage your emotions

When you are experiencing negative emotions like fear, anger, or sadness, you become energetically connected to them. However, in order to fully let go of these feelings, you need to detach yourself from them. By using meditative candles, you can detach yourself from your emotions and let go of them, helping you move towards a better and brighter future.

  1. Makes you feel more connected

When you take a few minutes each day to light a candle, you might begin to feel a deeper sense of connection. The soft and gentle glow from the candle can create a feeling of calm and safety. This can lead to a chance to release your worries and feel more connected to both yourself and others.

  1. Enhances your creativity

The more frequently you meditate, the more imaginative you can become. By dedicating adequate time to connecting with your higher self and the Universe, you are more likely to be responsive to fresh and inventive ideas.

  1. Creates an unique meditation space 

Meditation candles can help you create a unique meditation environment and space, and they can also improve meditation with aromatherapy. They can relieve stress, boost your mood, and lessen anxiety. The aromatherapy benefits of meditation candles can help calm stress and anxiety while enhancing mood

  1. Treats fatigue

Meditation candles can treat fatigue by promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels. The act of lighting a candle and setting the intention to meditate can create a calming and soothing environment, which can help reduce feelings of fatigue. Additionally, certain scents used in meditation candles are thought to have therapeutic properties, such as lavender for relaxation and eucalyptus for mental clarity.

  1. Improves respiratory health 

If you’re feeling congested or dealing with a cold or allergies, some aromas like peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus can clear your respiratory tract and prevent infections. This is where scented candles come in handy, as they can help you breathe easier. They do more than help you focus on your thoughts – they also bring relief to breathing difficulties and reduce inflammation.

  1. Aids concentration and focus

Using a meditation candle can greatly assist you in staying focused during your meditation sessions. With a range of aromas designed to promote relaxation and spiritual awareness, this candle offers a unique way to enhance your mindfulness practice. Best of all, it won’t make you feel sleepy or groggy, so you can stay alert while also feeling calm and cantered. 

  1. Generates a sense of pleasure and contentment within you

Meditation candles are made up of various essential and fragrance oils that offer several benefits when used for meditation. They boast a scent that provides a grounding effect, which is perfect for your yoga routine. Moreover, meditation candles are an excellent option to unwind and relax. The different aromas complement each other, creating an overall feeling of joy and happiness.

  1. Offers relief to those struggling with sleeplessness 

Meditation candles are specifically designed for those who have difficulty sleeping due to insomnia or need to relax. With their soothing aroma and calming properties, these candles are ideal for unwinding after a long day or as part of a bedtime routine. If you’re struggling with insomnia, these candles could be the perfect addition to your pre-sleep ritual. 

What are the Best Scented Candles For Meditation?

  1. Lavender-Scented Candles

MeditationLavender-scented candles are a popular choice for meditation, with some candles being made entirely of lavender. The fragrance of lavender oil is natural and has been known to alleviate symptoms of depression while helping the user feel more alert and focused. Getting enough sleep is essential for the growth and development of all aspects of the body. Sleep deprivation can be caused by multiple factors, but calming the mind is helpful in achieving a sense of peace. Lavender aromatherapy is well known for its calming qualities, as its soothing scent relaxes the nerves and body system.

  1. Royal Rose 

This allows your senses to indulge in a lavish experience with this delightful offer. The Royal Rose Fragrance Oil serves as an effective antidote to stress and anxiety, effectively relaxing both the body and mind. It rejuvenates the skin by gradually relaxing muscles, relieving spasms, and reducing inflammation.

  1. Sandalwood Candle For Meditation 

Sandalwood Fragrance Oil is recognized for its calming and grounding effects on the senses. It helps to induce a sense of peace and clarity, making it ideal for promoting relaxation. This renowned aroma is believed to offer a variety of benefits, ranging from reducing feelings of stress and anxiety to improving sleep and increasing mental alertness, as well as enhancing feelings of harmony and sensuality.

  1. Lemongrass Holy Basil-Scented Candles For Meditation 

Lemongrass and Basil-scented candles are the perfect way to refresh and relax your space and senses. Not only do they help relieve stress and anxiety, but when combined with Holy Basil essential oil, they can have even more benefits, such as reducing blood pressure if used once a week. Holy Basil Essential Oil is also known for its ability to clarify, calm, stimulate, fortify, energise, and uplift the mind, as well as repel insects, kill odour-causing bacteria, decrease headaches, and help with respiratory and digestive problems. This candle is an excellent idea for gift-giving.

  1. Jasmine & Ylang-Ylang-Scented Candles For Meditation 

This candle combines the rich scent of ylang-ylang with the calming essence of jasmine. Jasmine has proven to be beneficial in increasing libido and setting the mood for romance. With its soothing properties, jasmine has the ability to calm the mind, body, and soul while aiding with tension, anger, anxiety, and sadness by promoting positive and constructive feelings. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, known for its stress-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits, helps to alleviate insomnia, worry, melancholy, and tension. Furthermore, this candle has aphrodisiac properties that are said to boost sensuality and desire between partners.

  1. Frankincense & Myrrh Scented Candles For Meditation 

Frankincense and Myrrh hold significant importance in Chinese tradition due to their remarkable healing properties, known to be effective in treating inflammatory illnesses and blood stagnation while alleviating pain and swelling. In unison, they act as an expectorant, making it easier to breathe by clearing nasal congestion. Moreover, this potent combination of aromas with its tranquil, sweet, woody scent is highly beneficial in improving one’s mood by reducing tension and anxiety levels whilst enhancing attention span and memory retention. Additionally, this aromatic blend helps to promote spiritual awareness and groundedness.

  1. Maison Palo Santo Meditation 

Candle Palo Santo, also called Holy Wood, has been employed for centuries in religious ceremonies and therapeutic rituals for its calming and purifying effects. This beautifully scented candle can be lit prior to your meditation to create a peaceful and serene environment, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the mystical energy of the sacred Palo Santo tree. As you sink deeper and deeper, you’ll feel increasingly focused and grounded.

  1. Kenobi Candle Co. Scented Soy Candle 

If you find yourself feeling stressed before a meditation, using this scented candle can bring you back down to earth. The combination of Cedar Wood, Osmanthus, Basil, Patchouli, and Citrus scented oils creates a creamy and earthy scent that has grounding and mind-easing qualities. Additionally, the Osmanthus notes provide a peach and apricot aroma that is known for calming nerves and relieving stress.

  1. Benevolence LA Oud Wood Relaxing Meditation Aromatherapy Candle 

This candle contains scented oils that have been carefully selected for their soothing aromatherapy properties. The blend of Oud Wood with Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli, and Jasmine creates a calming sensation that eases a busy mind while providing a completely beautiful aromatherapy experience. Oud, known for its natural sedative properties and sweet earthy scent, is effective for easing stress and calming anxiety and has even been used to regulate sleep patterns. Meditating with this candle in the evening can bring about a state of total peace and tranquillity.

  1. Root Candles Seeking Balance Meditation Candle Geranium + Lavender 

After a long and tiring day, finding comfort and relaxation can be difficult. That’s where the Root Candles’ candle comes in. Its soothing scent of geranium and lavender can help ease your jangled nerves, allowing you to sink into a deep evening meditation before bed fully. Create your own zen sanctuary by lighting this candle and letting the stress of the day melt away.

  1. Root Candles Seeking Balance Meditate Vetiver & Olibanum 

If starting your day with a candle-lit meditation session is your preference, consider using the Root Candle in Meditate. This particular candle boasts an infusion of reviving Vetiver and Olibanum essential oils, making it one of the most optimal candles for meditation in terms of aiding in the stimulation and clarification of the mind.

  1. Lulu Candle Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood Luxury Candle 

The Lulu candle has gained a dedicated group of followers due to its unique combination of Jasmine, Oud, and Sandalwood. Its warm and earthy aroma is highly prized, and lighting the candle will transform your sacred space into a heavenly-scented oasis. Additionally, this candle was consciously designed to prioritise eco-friendliness with premium fragrances.

  1. LA JOLIE MUSE Sandalwood Scented Candle 

This Sandalwood candle is the perfect antidote to stress. With its warm, woodsy aroma, it’s the perfect way to create a comforting and cosy atmosphere. For centuries, the therapeutic benefits of sandalwood have been recognized, making it an ideal choice for meditation and other spiritual rituals. Using sandalwood for self-care activities is also an excellent way to relieve stress and feel more relaxed.

  1. BARE Kollections Boldness Tobacco Vanilla Candle 

This luxury candle offers an exquisite scent that combines the warmth of vanilla with the spiciness of tobacco and the sweetness of honey. High-quality essential oils are used for extra indulgence. The candle also comes in a unique, beautifully packaged signature gift box, making it an ideal present for any person who enjoys meditation with scented candles. Plus, its modern design is both pleasing and tasteful, making it a great decorative item for any minimalist decor.

  1. Coco Butter Fragrance Candles 

An excellent option for individuals searching for a peaceful and inspiring addition to their relaxation routine is the use of candles scented with cocoa butter. With their long-lasting burn time and organic wax blend, these candles not only fill the room with a beautiful aroma but also emit no smoke and are entirely non-toxic. This allows you to breathe easily and focus solely on your meditation. 

  1. Aloe vera Fragrance Candles 

Aloe vera candles are one of the best meditation candles that can help you relax and find your centre. Their aroma provides calming effects that can be useful when trying to wind down and focus before meditation. In addition, aloe vera candles can also help improve attention and focus. They also have anti-inflammatory effects, which may provide relief from headaches and migraines caused by stress and pain.

  1. Chamomile Fragrance Candles 

Chamomile candles have been used for their calming and soothing properties for a very long time. People have been utilising the essential chamomile oil for centuries to feel tranquil and relaxed. These candles are often used in aromatherapy due to their chamomile scent, which can assist in enhancing the impacts of candle meditation. The chamomile aroma candles are a great all-natural option to add to your mindfulness practice. Individuals who struggle with sleeping may find that the calming aroma of chamomile candles helps them sleep peacefully. 

What are the Candle Ingredients to Look For or to Avoid?

  1. Type of wax your candle is made from

When using candles for meditation, it is important to choose a non-toxic or natural option. Many candles, such as those made from paraffin wax, contain harmful chemicals that can release dangerous vapours when lit. Instead, opt for candles made from materials like beeswax or soy wax to ensure a safe and healthy practice. The ideal materials for candle making are derived from vegetables and are free of toxicity. Exceptional options include beeswax, soy, coconut, and palm, all of which are of superior quality. 

  1. Source of fragrance added

When selecting scented candles, opt for those made with 100% essential oils, as these are the most natural and non-toxic fragrances available. It is advisable to avoid candles labelled simply as “fragrance” as they often contain synthetic or man-made scents that can be more toxic and unsafe to inhale.

  1. Type of wick used in candle

To ensure a cleaner and healthier burning experience, it is important to choose the right type of wick for your candles. Look for wicks that are 100% cotton, hemp, or wood, and make sure they are labelled as clean, burning, and lead-free. Additionally, be mindful of additives and unwanted chemicals that may be present in some wicks, as they can release harmful chemicals when burned. By selecting the right wick, you can enjoy a safer and more enjoyable candle-burning experience.

  1. Source of colour added

When choosing a candle, it is important to consider the dyes that are used to colour them. Many of the synthetic colours used in candles can release toxins into the environment as the candle burns. To avoid this, it is recommended to opt for colours that are made from natural sources, such as fruit or vegetable dyes.

  1. Choose the colour of your candle carefully

When meditating, it’s important to focus on the candle and its colours, as certain hues can hold symbolic meanings and release unique energies. For spiritual meditations that focus on protection, purification, inner peace, spirituality, or intuition, white, blue, or purple candles are recommended. If your meditation session is aimed at focusing on love, romance, passion, power, or happiness, opting for a red or pink candle is recommended. On the other hand, if you desire to concentrate on prosperity and wealth, you should select a green candle. Green candles can also aid in fertility. 

11 Tips for using candles for Meditation 

  1. Select a tranquil and serene setting

When practising meditation, it’s important to select a tranquil and serene setting. This could be a dedicated room specifically for meditation purposes or a peaceful corner of your home.

  1. Avoid candles with strong fragrances 

When selecting a candle to aid in relaxation, opt for fragrances like lavender or vanilla, known for their calming properties. Avoid candles with strong fragrances or overwhelming scents, as they can be distracting and take away from your focus.

  1. Light the candle and focus on its flame

Let your mind drift away as you gaze at the flickering light. The flame’s movements can settle the mind and transport you into a meditative state.

  1. Try spoken flames for added sensory glowing effect 

Spoken Flames candles have an added sensory glowing effect within the melted wax when lit, enriching the meditative experience both visually and emotionally.

  1. Find a comfortable seated position

Begin by finding a comfortable seated position with your spine straight and your feet grounded

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, honing in on the sound of your breath as you inhale and exhale. Alternatively, you can focus on the soothing ambiance of a wooden wick candle in your surroundings.

  1. Commence your meditation routine

When you are prepared, commence your meditation routine. You can concentrate on a mantra or visualisation, or you can allow your mind to be calm and present in the present moment.

  1. Incorporate beginner-friendly audio meditation

For those who are experiencing difficulty in focusing, try incorporating a beginner-friendly audio meditation to assist you in guiding your concentration.

  1. Don’t forget to take precautions

Meditation can be enhanced with the use of candles, although it’s important to take precautions and be aware of potential hazards. While it’s crucial not to let safety concerns detract from your meditation practice, it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

  1. Ensure a secure location for the candle 

Ensure that the candle is placed in a secure location where it will not be easily displaced, whether it be by yourself, a pet, a child, or any other external force.

  1. Just utilise a solitary candle

While some individuals may opt to light multiple candles during their meditation sessions, it is important to note that this could raise the possibility of an incident. Furthermore, it may lead to a disorganised ambiance instead of fostering focus, which is counter to the goal of meditation. Therefore, instead of using various candles, it would be advisable to utilise a solitary candle to enhance the meditation experience.

  1. Avoid leaving it burning for an extended period of time

When meditating with a candle, it is important to monitor it closely and avoid leaving it burning for an extended period of time. Be sure to extinguish the candle once you have finished your practice. 

Fun facts about meditation candles

  • The use of candles during meditation dates back thousands of years to ancient Hindu and Buddhist traditions, where candles were lit to represent enlightenment and bring a sense of focus to the mind.
  • The most commonly used scents in meditation candles are lavender, vanilla, and Sandalwood. Lavender is known for its calming properties, vanilla for its comfort and warmth, and Sandalwood for its grounding and meditative effects.
  • Soy wax is a popular choice for meditation candles as it burns clean and has a long-lasting scent. Beeswax is another popular option as it is all-natural and has a sweet, honey-like scent.
  • When practising meditation with candles, it’s important to choose a candle with a gentle, soothing scent, as strong or overpowering scents can be distracting and inhibit deep meditation.
  • Meditation candles are also perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance during bath time or while enjoying a book before bed. 


Are Candles Really Good for Meditating?

Candles can be a beneficial aid for meditation due to their power to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere which helps to achieve a productive meditation session. The flicker of the flame and the sound of the wooden wick, along with the soothing scent of the candle, all work together to help relax both the mind and body, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the meditation practice. Nonetheless, it is crucial to observe general candle safety measures while using them for meditation purposes.

How to Choose a Candle for Meditation?

When selecting a candle for meditation, it is essential to discover what suits you best. The aroma can be highly personal and subjective, and even choosing a gentle crackling wooden wick candle has the potential to either help you concentrate or become a distraction. As a result, keep an open mind to different methods, candle fragrances, and candle styles.

How Does a Candle-Gazing Meditation Work?

These candles are specifically designed to help with concentration and meditation by focusing on your breath. It’s natural for your mind to wander during meditation, but it’s important to steer clear of your thoughts and remain centred in your practice. One way to achieve this level of focus is by utilising a candle. The captivating flame melting the wax and dissolving the wax invites you to concentrate on it, letting go of all other thoughts and creating a symbol of “quiet” that can be used to bring your attention back to your breath. 

Is it necessary for me to use a candle made of a blend of natural soy wax?

When it comes to choosing the right candle for meditation, it’s important to avoid any distractions that may interfere with your focus. However, there are several types of candles that are suitable for meditation, including soy wax, coconut wax, palm wax, paraffin wax, and beeswax candles. While soy wax has been popular as a base for aromatherapy candles, there are now concerns about hormone disruptors in this wax, and it may not be as pure as once thought. Paraffin wax, on the other hand, is generally regarded as safe, especially when it’s fully refined. Ultimately, the best meditation candles are those that work best for you. For some people, the candle flame itself is the most important aspect of the candle, while others prefer scented candles made with essential oils and cotton wicks. Regardless of your preferences, it’s important to choose a non-toxic candle to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals. Fortunately, many new candle brands have adopted stringent safety standards in their development. 

How Long Should I Stare at the Candle for Candle Meditation?

Typically, for candle meditation, you should stare at the candle for around 5 to 10 minutes. However, it’s important to listen to your body and do what feels right for you. Some people may feel comfortable staring at the candle for longer or shorter periods of time. It’s all about finding what works best for you and your meditation practice. Remember to focus on your breath and allow yourself to become fully present in the moment. 


In conclusion, incorporating candles into a meditation practice can be a beneficial and enjoyable experience. When selecting candles for this purpose, it is recommended to choose scents that promote relaxation and calmness and ensure they are made from natural, non-toxic materials. Enhancing the overall meditation experience and promoting relaxation, candles with calming scents like lavender or vanilla can create a soothing atmosphere through their flickering flames. However, it’s important to be mindful of fire safety when using candles.