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How to Clean A Lululemon Yoga Mat – Natural and Easy Ways

The best things in life are simple, and this saying fits yoga perfectly. Practicing yoga does not require much in comparison to any other traditional form of exercise. This is why venturing out into the world of yoga is convenient, as it only requires one thing—your yoga mat. 

Other than the proper clothes, your yoga mat should be the only gear you need. The objective of the mat is to provide an anti-slip and cushioned surface to practice yoga easily and safely on. A yoga mat takes care of all the basic factors like hygiene, comfort, adherence, and cushioning, making it a hassle-free experience. As the saying goes, look after your mat, and it’ll take care of you. So,if you are a proud owner of a lululemon yoga mat, you’re in the right space – as you are about to read all about how to clean a lululemon yoga mat. 

Choosing “The” Yoga Mat

All yogis, especially beginners, face the same difficulty when it comes to selecting a high-quality yoga mat that meets their needs. When doing yoga, everyone wants to enjoy the natural feel of flow, and for that matter, you need to feel grippy and stable. And then there is also the question of durability, particularly if you are a regular practitioner.

A good quality yoga mat is designed to help with balance during all the asanas, enabling the correct posture. Yoga can also make you sweaty, so you should also consider an anti-slip yoga mat that will absorb the sweat and still give you a good grip. 

When you search for the best yoga mats for all yoga routines from beginners to advanced level, Lululemon yoga mats come up time after time. This is a popular brand of yoga mat, and even though the mats are not a cheap buy, trust us when we say they are worth the price. 

What’s Not to Love?

This is durability at its best. Some people have used the Lulu mat for up to five years and swear by it. The perfect thickness of the mat empowers you during your asanas, supporting you fully without shifting from the surface.

Another reason for people to love this mat is that it comes in the perfect size, with a dimension of 26 by 71 inches (66 by 180 cm). They are slightly wider and longer than other mats, which allows people of all heights to feel comfortable without having their hands and toes sticking out. Even better, they have a longer, and wider version for extra-tall yogis. Yes, that’s right: You are now allowed to go all out with Anjaneyasana – a low lunge pose. 

When you own something, you must clean it as well. So if you are curious about how to clean your Lululemon yoga mat, we are here with all the tips and tricks for you to have a happy relationship with your precious mat. 

What Are Lululemon Yoga Mats Made Of?

The Lululemon yoga mat is made of polyurethane, natural rubber, antimicrobial additives, latex, cork and much more. The top layer is made of polyurethane that helps to absorb moisture, enabling a better grip for your sweaty sessions. This particular one has gained popularity for the foam (polyurethane) which is made of joint units by carbamate links, making lululemon yoga mats heat proof. The base is made from rubber to offer a supportive cushioned and anti-slip surface. It is also important to prevent the yoga mats from mold and mildew to ensure hygiene and maintenance. This is why Lululemon yoga mats have an antimicrobial additive. These mats in particular contain latex, so people with rubber or latex allergies should be aware before purchasing them. 

Why Is Regular Cleaning of Your Lululemon Yoga Mat Important?

Why Is Regular Cleaning of Your Lululemon Yoga Mat Important

Lululemon mats are known for their long-lasting quality. But maintaining cleanliness is a must. They are like an investment, so it’s important to make sure you are doing justice to your money by regularly cleaning them. 

When it comes to any mat, you are using them by placing it on the floor. Yoga poses require your body, hands, or feet to be in contact with the mat. Some even require your face to touch the mat. Now think of all the sweat, dirt and dust that your mat absorbs during your practice. Can you imagine the bacteria it leaves on your mat as well as your body parts?

Most of the sweat patches get mixed with dirt and eventually stick to the surface of your mat. There are some that you even can’t see. This bacteria will likely settle in and sometimes start growing inside the mat. There are some that you even can’t see. Therefore, you must clean them as regularly and properly as possible. Now, let’s look at how to clean lululemon yoga mats.

How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat

If you enjoy practicing yoga on a freshly cleaned mat every morning, you’ll need to know the ins and out of cleaning your Lululemon yoga mat. There are multiple ways to accomplish it. The first and easiest is a regular wipe after your practice. You can also look into some of the readymade cleaners designed for Lululemon yoga mats – like yoga mat spray cleanser by lululemon. Please make sure to follow instructions about steps and frequency before you apply them. Apart from these, we will be sharing a step-by-step process of not just cleaning your Lululemon mat, but other regular yoga mats as well . For the first two solutions (below), you will need to be prepared with a spray bottle, cloth, and soft sponge.

DIY Cleaner Recipe

There are three yoga mat cleaner DIY solutions that we recommend that can help you to keep your mat as good as new. All three will give you the same results, so it comes down to what you have stored in the kitchen. Let’s jump right into it. 

Water, Vinegar and Tea Tree oil – Combine one part white vinegar and four parts water. Then add twenty drops of tea tree oil to the mixture. The use of vinegar breaks down all the dirt while the tea tree oil with its antiviral properties does the job of killing germs and bacteria.

  1. Water, Vinegar and Tea Tree oil – Combine one part white vinegar and four parts water. Then add twenty drops of tea tree oil to the mixture. The use of vinegar breaks down all the dirt while the tea tree oil with its antiviral properties does the job of killing germs and bacteria.
  1. Baking Soda and Lemon Juice – Another popular cleaning solution. The measurement for this mix is one cup of water and one teaspoon of baking soda, combined with ten drops of lemon juice. Baking soda is a great ingredient to eliminate bad odors, leaving your mat fresh and clean. It also helps to remove the Lululemon mat stains. And lastly, lemon juice works as an antibacterial element. 
  1. Water and Dish soap – This is the most convenient option, as the ingredients are almost always readily available. This is also a preferred option for deep cleaning. The only requirement for this is a bathtub or a big basin for you to soak your mat. Before you run the water, check for the temperature to be lukewarm. Make sure your dishwashing soap does not have any conditioner, as it can ruin the stickiness of the mat. Please, remember to wash both sides of the mat. You will need to leave it on for 10 minutes and take it out. Hang it up with a towel underneath for the water to drain out.

Cleaning a mat with the wrong products or steps can ruin them quickly. So refrain from experimenting. The wrong solutions can damage your mat’s surface and ruin the grip, making it slippery, and you’ll be left with nothing but regrets. 

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Lululemon Yoga Mat?

We advise you to clean your yoga mat possibly after every session or at least once every few sessions. It is a very simple and easy process. Just use a damp cloth to wipe away sweat, dirt, and dust from the mat to maintain it for regular use. 

You can show your mat some extra love by purchasing one of the ready made cleaning solutions like Asutra Yoga Mat Detox – you can pick one according to your liking. They come in different flavors with a variety of essential oils. Some of the other solutions like Vapor Fresh Sports Cleaning and Deodorizing Spray are two or three in one sprays that can keep your mats, shoes and any other yoga props clean.

Frequency of disinfecting your yoga mat depends on how often you use it. If you use it at home only, you can clean it once or twice a week. For ready-made solutions, please read the label for instructions to avoid damaging the surface of your mat. If you practice in a studio or outdoors, then it’s best to clean more regularly at your convenience.

Coming back to the DIY recipes shared in this article, the first two solutions are advised to be used once a week, but the third one with water and dishwashing soap can be done once a month. Having said that, you may want to clean it more often using solutions, for example, if your yoga mat smells bad. You are allowed to use indicators like odor and dirt to make that choice. Feel free to ensure hygiene as you please. 

The Upside of Cleaning your Mat After Each Use

  1. It becomes a habit – It can be the last move of your yoga routine – why not? It will help you to grow into the habit of cleaning it after every practice. You will be relieved that you are preventing your mat from germs and bacterias. Daily cleaning ensures that these germs are not growing inside the mat. Eww right?
  2. Better Durability – Regular care and cleaning means you are looking after it’s longevity. 
  3. Clean Mats are healthy – In every possible way. Imagine getting a skin reaction from a dirty yoga mat. Skin irritation or nasal and upper respiratory tracts are common amongst people who forget to clean their mats. So keep it clean for your health’s sake. 
  4. Deep Cleaning is not required – if you have the habit of cleaning your yoga mat after every use – there is no reason for you to be concerned about deep cleaning it. Unless, you have practiced yoga in the woods, or you have dropped something on the mat that needs to be removed with deep clean.
  5. Shiny Mats are Love – Keep them shining by cleaning them regularly. As we said – a filthy looking yoga mat can also make you look unhygienic if you are practicing in a studio. So save yourself from the embarrassment – keep them nice and shiny!


Nothing in life is perfect. Simply put, the Lululemon yoga mat also has its shortcomings. The stickiness on the mat can wear out over time if not maintained properly. So we suggest using a mat towel while doing hot yoga to prevent it from losing its grip. You can also try out a Lululemon reversible mat that provides outstanding grip, comfort, and stability. 

One last tip before you go: Avoid using anything rough to wipe the cleaning products off the surface of the mat. We hope you are now all set to give it a good round with our Lululemon washing instructions. Read more about them here.