How Many Affirmations Per Day

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How many affirmations per day should you practice for the best results?

We all have a long list of goals we wish to accomplish. There are thousands of current affirmations to recite for the hundreds of conceivable life objectives. Every expert has a different opinion on how you should do it, but is there a proper way? Are you looking for a tried-and-tested method for benefitting from affirmations effectively? Maybe you wonder how many affirmations per day would be apt to achieve your goals. Should I concentrate on one, three, or five affirmations every day? 

Please don’t bother, and I have come up with the best and most well-researched information to answer all your questions about affirmations.

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that make your subconscious mind believe that you have already achieved your set of goals and try to trick your mental state of mind into believing that you are capable of achieving and attracting all that you wish and desire. It’s a mind game and a brain activity to encourage yourself and stay motivated. These positive affirmations have been effective and promising to remove negative thinking patterns and reduce stress levels. Scientific research has also been done on the positive impact of affirmations. Affirmations work due to the neuroplasticity of the brain, which means the brain can change and reorganize itself in a better way through its neural networks. Therefore, affirmations work as a stimuli to trigger the neural changes.

Money, career, relationship, health, and happiness are some of the most popular categories that people look for when searching affirmations online. However, most of the online affirmations are generic and are not personalized.

What are the benefits of affirmations?

The power of affirmations is so immense that top-notch successful people like professional athletes and businessmen, too, attribute their success to their daily affirmations. The mind is so naive that it cannot identify the difference between what is real and what is not. Sometimes, we start believing something that we are accused of as reality. For example, if someone says, “you are looking ugly” or “You can never succeed”; the mind will start connecting the dots everytime something similar happens and you will eventually start believing it. So what do you think will happen if you say happy and positive affirmations to your mind? It will attract positive vibes only! 

Though the benefits of affirmations are more qualitative, I have listed the most promising ones that I experienced personally:

  • Develop a positive mindset
  • A new approach to life
  • Reduce stress
  • Quitting bad habits
  • Positive outlook at all times
  • A daily dose of motivation
  • Move closer to your goals
  • Stay focused
  • Put negative thinking at bay

How to choose affirmations according to your goals?

If you have too many ambitions at once, your focus will be diluted, achieving nothing. The more goals you set, the fewer resources you devote to each. Choose one objective, such as renouncing sweets, and stick to it for one month. Please don’t make any further dietary changes until you’re sugar-free and no longer want it. Then, if you wish, add a new rule, but not all in one go.

Meanwhile, you may focus on other aspects of your life, such as your career or relationships. Even so, I wouldn’t advocate concentrating on more than three critical objectives simultaneously, at least until you’ve become acclimated to working on them all and can devote more time to them.

Steps to come up with your list of affirmations:

  1. Invest time in identifying your targets and goals. Also, make a note of the issues that are limiting your potential.
  2. Frame your affirmations with positive words and construct the mantra in the present tense using powerful words like “I am.” For example, if you feel that you are unsuccessful in your career, then write something like, “I am strong and successful in my career, and I have reached great heights with my talent and dedication to my work.”
  3. Remember to keep your affirmations simple, to the point, and easy to remember.
  4. Try to include an action word to keep you focused and motivated.
  5. Stay emotionally connected with your goals by including heart-touching words that can make you feel the affirmation genuinely from deep inside.
  6. Visualize and believe in the statement. The universe will help you achieve it in real-time.

What if you don’t have a specific goal right now but generally want a better life?

This is the most specific instance because nothing has to be defined or chosen!

I recommend reading through several large affirmations lists. Every day, choose a couple of arbitrary affirmations and then repeat them or choose new ones the next day. Save your favorites and return to them anytime you need more inspiration.

How many affirmations per day should you say?

First and paramount, there is no such concept as “enough.” Nobody but you can choose what is best for your life and personal objectives. Some people utilize only one affirmation at a period, while others have a vast list of affirmations for each desire. If you are constantly worried about all the stuff you would like to attract and aren’t sure how many affirmations to focus on at once, consider the following. 

Concentrate on a few affirmations that are simple to recall. Depending on your aims and 

desires, it might range from one to fifteen, but the key is to integrate them into a single powerful statement. Repeat it repeatedly until it gets ingrained in your mind and your reality. Choose your number based on how many objectives you want to work on simultaneously, and do what is best suited for your regular schedule.

If you approach twenty random affirmation practitioners and what their approach is, you’ll probably get twenty different replies!

What are the different approaches to affirmations?

There are different styles and approaches to practicing positive affirmations in your daily routine. You can sing, write, read, chant, or even listen to affirmations. Some practitioners repeat each affirmation for a minute and then move on to the following affirmation. At the same time, some compose all the affirmations into a consolidated message and repeat it as a whole. Ultimately, it’s all a part of feeling something positive and getting associated with it. The affirmations are supposed to be sinking in and bringing in changes to your life no matter what approach you follow.

Check out these quick few steps to make affirmations work:

  1. Make a list of all the things that affect you real bad. It can be something that you feel from deep inside or some irritating tags that your distant relative might have posed on you. As long as it is affecting you, pen it down.
  2. Now turn these negative things into positive affirmations by following the steps mentioned above to frame personalized affirmations.
  3. Be consistent in practicing the affirmations by any of the approaches mentioned above. Try to stick to a particular time every day, such as early morning, before sleep, or in your lunch breaks, to keep yourself consistent and disciplined.
  4. Try to anchor to the affirmation by consciously feeling the negative, getting converted to positive change from deep within. You could even place your hand on the heart or your stomach to change how it felt when you perceived the negative emotions.
  5. Initially, you might find it funny and ridiculous to do it. But trust me and get your close friend, soul mate, or even your parents to read the affirmations aloud to you to bring in a new and changed feeling. It is easy to believe when you hear someone say good things to you. Later on, you can gradually practice the positive affirmations on your own.

How many affirmations should you have in your subliminal track?

Subliminal messages are usually a trick of marketing agencies. However, you can also use them to stay on track with your goals. These messages are designed to work on your subconscious part of the brain. It would be best to record audio tracks of these statements or affirmations in a soothing tone and a loop. Like guided meditation voiceovers, these recordings can have background music of some pleasant sounds like ocean waves, rain drops, birds chirping, etc. You can play these while meditating, working, or even right before sleeping to have a drastic and positive impact on your life. The number of affirmations in your subliminal track doesn’t really matter, but it is recommended to have limited and extremely goal-focused affirmations.

How many times must you repeat affirmations every day?

I’ve seen a variety of things said to be a mystical key for affirmations to perform! Some endorse writing affirmations 15 times per day, while others recommend repeating them 500 times per day. Someone will undoubtedly tell you that 100 times a day is the bare minimum. Indians recite their mantras 108 times twice a day. Sorry for the disappointment, but this is not algebra. There isn’t a single method that works for anyone in any circumstance.

Factors that affect how many times you repeat the affirmations are listed below:

  • The time you wake up
  • Number of goals
  • Type of your goals
  • Work-life balance

What if you repeat your affirmations 1000 times a day?

Please don’t do it! This is also another widespread fallacy. I don’t mean “1000 times” when I say “repeat as many times as your need for an affirmation to sink in.” You could remain in the lotus posture for a whole week loop, recite, recite, recite, but you’d no longer be adjacent to your goals and dreams.”

Affirmations work because you put emotion and significance into uttering them. This is precisely what it is when you just utter words without thinking about them. As a result, it’s preferable to get oneself into a quiet condition once a day, say your affirmations, and experience every syllable rather than repeating a sentence 1000 times in your thoughts.

Practicing meditation properly and getting into a habit of thinking about your affirmations in that calm state of mind is much better than repeating it like a parrot without connecting or feeling it.

Can you have too many affirmations?

It is unusual for an individual to have only one objective in life. We wish for a variety of things, ranging from enticing money, business, success, happiness, health, and more. I’ve heard that you must only concentrate on one objective at a time, but I’m afraid I have to disagree. Unless you are delighted with your other aspects of life, it is OK to concentrate on a few other projects at the same time.

Begin with one affirmation and make it a habit before adding additional. You don’t want to overburden oneself with a hundred assertions to live up to, so 10 or 15 affirmations every day are plenty. Don’t place too many desires on yourself to avoid burnout. It depends on your personality and how effectively you plan your day, but I believe focusing on up to 3 major goals at once is doable.

How long should you practice affirmations every day?

Practicing affirmations for hours together would distance you from your goals rather than bring you close. Though affirmations are said and believed to help you with your goals, it is necessary to work on your actual goals rather than to sit like a sage and chant for hours together and expect miracles to follow.

Invest a couple of minutes early in the morning, or when you are at your work break, or even while you travel back home to think and repeat in your mind to draw positive energy towards your life. If you have an additional amount of time to invest in affirmations after working on your actual goals, then go ahead and attract all the goodness in life by using that time for your positive affirmations. In daily practice, I would say even a 1-minute focused approach towards affirmations is excellent. You can even dedicate up to 15 minutes of your daily morning routines towards affirmations. 

Bedtime affirmations are another great way to engage as these positive affirmations would remain longer in the subconscious memory and you will notice better changes. It is said that the subconscious mind can have a massive 95% impact in one’s life.

Can you listen to positive affirmations?

Absolutely! Like guided meditation, hearing affirmations can calm you down, retrain your mind, and think positively. As I’ve previously stated, positive affirmations work better when they are personalized. They will strive harder to enhance your life the more they apply it to their own. As a result, affirmations you write for yourself are likely to be more potent than ones you find online.

The biggest fault with taped affirmations is that they are all-encompassing. They are aimed at a broad audience and applicable to a wide range of people, but no one in particular.

When affirmations don’t work?

Affirmations don’t usually work if you don’t believe or associate with them from deep within. Adverse incidents or something stressful that is deeply etched on your mind and heart need the help of a therapist, and simple affirmations might not be sufficient for you to achieve what you dream of.

If you are someone with goals that are way too big, then it is crucial to divide the big goal into short-term small-sized goals to stay focused and motivated. For example, if you are weighing 100kgs currently and your ideal weight must be 58Kgs, then your weight loss affirmations should be something that would target 10kgs at a time only. Otherwise, you might feel lost and unmotivated.

5 biggest mistakes you might make with affirmations

  1. Doubtful mind – A try-and-see attitude will take you nowhere. For anything to happen, you will have to believe in it mentally.
  2. Mechanical repetitions – Simply trying to repeat with zero focus will lead you nowhere close to your goals even if you repeat a 1000 times.
  3. Every day affirmations – Affirmations available online are curated at a broad level. They are not personalized and might not be effective.
  4. Consistency – Not being consistent with affirmations or your actions towards your goals can leave you off-track.
  5. Clarity – All your affirmations should be clear and concise. Vague affirmations might confuse your subconscious mind.

How long do affirmations take to work?

It is said that negative things can be learned and adapted quickly, but positive changes take time to reflect. Patience is the real key to positive affirmations. These are not instant means to success. There is no shortcut when it comes to life. Be patient and believe truly to see changes gradually.


I hope that you now know how affirmations function and that the amount of affirmations you must repeat each day is no longer a mystery! 

Remember that it is your desire behind your affirmations, not the mere number of repetitions that matters. The shape of the message you’re trying to send to your inner self isn’t as crucial as believing in it. No one can stop you from writing, saying, singing, dreaming, listening, thinking, or imagining your affirmations the way you choose! But do it to get acclimated to the notion of your new, better life!