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Tips on How to Clean your Jade Yoga Mat – Your Guide to a nice and clean mat

Yoga has been around for hundreds of years, offering numerous benefits to our overall health. The major factor that makes practicing yoga super accessible is the fact that it doesn’t demand much—other than a yoga mat. This probably explains why more people are getting hooked on this hassle-free form of exercise. Yoga does not require equipment, a whole lot of space and preparation. The joy of it lies in its simple nature. The only mandatory item you need is a firm mat that can aid in your yoga practice. 

Yoga involves forming poses, and for that reason, it’s important to ensure that you are opting for a reliable mat. There are multiple mats available for you to purchase, and amongst the most popular is the Jade Yoga mat. In this article, we will be talking about how to clean Jade Yoga mat.

What Is a Jade Yoga Mat?

Jade Yoga mats have gained popularity for their eco-friendliness. They are available in various vibrant colors that offer good grip and comfort. They are sustainably made with natural rubber sourced from rubber trees. Jade mats are considered eco-friendly due to their manufacturing components. They do not contain PVC or any other synthetic rubber.

A Jade Yoga mat’s durability cannot be questioned, and the use of natural rubber makes it far superior to other mats. They are extremely grippy and comfortable. If you maintain the cleanliness of your mat, it will serve you for years. This brings us to the list of options for how to clean your Jade Yoga mat for better durability.

How Often Should You Clean Your Mat?

Look after your mat, and it will return the favor for sure! Firstly, let’s ask you, how many times a week do you practice? You should clean it the number of times you roll it out for practice. Simple! But by cleaning, we don’t mean scrubbing it every single time. There are different cleaning options for you to maintain the cleanliness of your mat. Basically, your Jade Yoga mat tends to attract and trap bacteria on the surface of it, so the more air you can pack in, the better. 

Let’s settle another thing—there’s no such thing as over-cleaning your Jade Yoga mat. How to clean your yoga mat and how many times depends a lot on the usage. You can choose to clean it as many times during the week as you wish—once every three days, two days, or daily. Some yoga mat owners make it a part of their routine to clean it before or after their practice. 

Your Jade Yoga mat will also call for a thorough deep cleaning once or twice a month, depending on the frequency of usage. Light cleaning or deep cleaning—both have simple procedures that you can follow at home.

Cleaning Your Jade Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga mats are open-cell, meaning they have a strong, absorbent quality in them. Their materials are porous and absorb liquid very well—almost like a sponge. They contract moisture but don’t pool it on the surface; rather, they absorb it. In other words, the moisture collected can often transform into a breeding ground for bacteria. This is one of the major reasons why you should clean your Jade Yoga mat regularly.

Light Cleaning

You definitely spent a lot of money on your jade yoga mat—they aren’t cheap. So you might as well regularly maintain it. To keep your mat in the best condition, wipe it with distilled water after your yoga practice. Microfiber towels are the best for wiping the surface of your mat. Make sure you clean both sides of your mat, top and bottom. 

There are ready-made cleaning solutions available that are made for Jade Yoga mats. If you can get your hands on one of those, all you need to do is spray and wipe it off. A great light cleaning solution. 

You can also make your own solution and store it in a spray bottle for everyday use. We have shared a few simple DIY cleaning solutions for your Jade Yoga mat below. Please scroll down to find your mix. 

Wipe your mat properly with a cloth or a damp sponge. Do not use anything harsh or abrasive. You can ruin the grip and texture of the surface. Another important note is to be careful about the amount of soap you use—too much can make your mat slippery. 

Cleaning Solutions

Let’s look at a few cleaning solutions that you can easily make at home. The best one is to get a designated yoga mat cleaning solution just to make your life easy. Remember to search with the right name of your mat if you are searching online. 

For instance, don’t look for how to clean manduka yoga mat, as you’ll end up damaging your Jade mat. The mats are made from different materials, so make sure you know the differences first. DIY solutions also serve the purpose. Whatever you choose, just make sure you follow the right steps. If you want to learn how to machine wash your Yoga mat, click here.

DIY Spray

The most common one is a mix of soap and water. For regular cleaning, this is the easiest option. Use mild liquid soap mixed with warm water. Spray it and use the cloth to wipe it from top to bottom. Simple and easy!

Another popular way to clean your Jade Yoga mat is to prepare a solution with water and vinegar. Take three portions of water and one portion of vinegar. Mix it in a spray bottle. Follow the same steps; spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth if you have one, otherwise, any soft cloth will do. 

If you are wondering how to clean rubber yoga mat, then vinegar is the magical ingredient. Here’s why. Vinegar is a super effective ingredient as it helps to restore the material, rubber in this case. Natural rubber usually oxidizes and wears down over time, and vinegar revives it to its natural form.

Plant-based Spray

There are plant-based cleaning solutions specially made for eco-friendly mats and mats made from natural rubber. The ingredients are typically thyme, oregano, and eucalyptus oil. The plant-based spray is not only great for cleaning but leaves a nice, fresh odor on the mat. The antioxidant properties in the plant-based spray also extend your Jade Yoga mat warranty. 

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is required to get out the concealed dirt inside your mat. You can choose to deep clean your Jade Yoga mat once or twice a month. It honestly depends on how frequently you use your mat, and of course how much you sweat.

It’s ideal to deep clean your mat in a bathtub. Fill your tub with warm water and add a few drops of liquid soap, nothing that has harsh chemicals. Put your mat in the tub and soak for 15 to 30 minutes. Any oil, moisture, or deepened dirt will get released into the water. 

Take it out and drain the excess water dripping from it. Hanging it before wiping makes it easier to dry it. Before it’s completely dry, wipe it with a cloth to remove the remaining dirt on the surface. 


For the top surface of your Jade Yoga mat, wipe it down with a damp cloth. Please refrain from rubbing it vigorously to prevent any damage on the top surface.


Use the same steps for the bottom surface of your mat. Make sure you clean it thoroughly, as it collects all the dirt from the floor. 

Drying Instructions

Do not dry it under the sun. UV rays from the sunlight can be harmful to your mat, especially a Jade Yoga mat. It can permanently damage the surface. A trick that works well is to place towels on both sides of the mat and roll it up. This will soak up all the water.  

Dampen the surface of the mat before you dry it. Air should flow through the mat easily to ensure that the moisture inside the mat does not wear out. If you live in a humid climate, you can use an absorbent towel on your mat to speed up the drying process. 

Another option to dry it is to use a dryer. But for this you have to ensure that the temperature is no more than 10 degrees Celsius, otherwise, it can be damaging to your mat. 

Things to Consider Before Cleaning Your Mat

Bacteria are known to accumulate over time on your Jade Yoga mat. The positive side is that you can take precautions to combat it. Having said that, don’t neglect it; otherwise, it can start to take over and ruin your mat. If you notice any mold, mildew, or stains, it is a sign that bacteria are present in your mat. In such cases, it’s best to deep clean your Jade Yoga mat. 

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance means cleaning it regularly with a damp cloth. Perhaps once a week, use a cleaning solution before you wipe it off. This also extends the life span of your Jade Yoga mat, making it more durable. 


Any dirt on your body or the floor can easily stick to your mat. For example, one of the most common and hidden bacteria found are ringworms. You can have serious skin reactions from the microorganisms on your unclean yoga mat. In other words, your Jade Yoga mat is a dirt collector, so you must regularly maintain its cleanliness. 


On top of hygiene and cleanliness, a well-maintained yoga mat enhances your yoga experience. If you love your yoga sessions, you have to love your mat too! Not just for yoga, though: Jade Yoga mats have many options—for example a Jade Yoga harmony mat has several functions. So make sure you are cleaning your favorite Jade mat.