How to Keep Leggings From Rolling Down

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How to Keep Leggings From Rolling Down – Practical and Easy Hints

Raise your hand if you’re a girl who loves her leggings! Leggings have become the go-to pants for every girl. From running errands to gym wear, or even just sitting at home, we love being wrapped up in leggings. They are trendy, comfortable, slimming, and everything nice. No wonder leggings are the number 1 choice of style for girls. But as much as we love them, we all have our stories to share of our legging slips -ups, or downs? So with all the upsides of these wonders, why do they roll down from the waist? Let’s shed more light on the drawbacks that legging lovers face.

So, we have made a list of 10 solutions of how to keep them from rolling down. Read on to learn more and share these tips with your girlfriends, they’ll thank you forever.

Why Do Leggings Roll Down?

The struggle is real. As it is, leggings are the best only if you can find the right fit. We tend to buy leggings and get disappointed now and then. This is because we have chosen the wrong size without realising it – and then when we wear them they turn out to be too big. Bummer!

The main drawback of wearing leggings is the continuous act of having to pull them up. We feel a sense of defeat when it happens with most of our legging purchases – so the big question is how to keep leggings from rolling down?

Leggings are supposed to fit perfectly, aren’t they? They are a popular choice for their tight fit and comfort. You’d think so but here’s the truth bomb. We hate to break it to you that this is only a short-term feature. The quality of the elastic waistband wears out sooner than we think, or if you may have shed some weight – claps! 

The truth is they eventually start to slide down sooner either for the poor quality waistband or for being stretched too much. Another common scenario is not being able to find the right fit for your particular body frame, there’s no need to body shame yourself – we all have faced it.  We have prepared a guide with the most common questions asked around this dysfunctionality. Keep reading to find your answers.

Are You Wearing Underwear?

Sorry to invade your privacy but are you? Here’s the fun fact – leggings are not actually meant to be worn with underwear. It makes the legging slip down more often and can ruin the grip of your leggings. We suggest wearing a seamless panty if you must.

Is The Fabric Relatively Light?

The thickness of the fabric is an important factor in the case of leggings. They are more likely to roll down frequently if the fabric is lighter and thinner. This happens because leggings are supposed to be stretchable, so with a thin choice of fabric, they can have opacity. It can hamper your movements around the waist area, and you’ll be left to pull them up inconveniently. 

Is the Waistband Too Loose?

For leggings, the fit around the waist is everything. So when you buy one, make sure the waistband is solid, stretchable, and holding you comfortably. Otherwise, you will end up with another pair that will slip down, sooner than you think. 

How to Keep Leggings From Rolling Down?

Enough with the problems already. Let’s jump right into the top ten solutions we have shortlisted for you. This will help you ensure your leggings are making you feel secure and loved. 

Become a Superhero

This prevention trick works like magic. Strangely, if you wear your underwear over your leggings you will notice that your leggings are no longer slipping down. It may look funny, but if you can wear a skirt or dress on top, it works as a great solution. Another alternative is to hunt down a combination of highwaist and compression leggings – like a hybrid one to serve the purpose.

Wear a High Waist Legging

Believe us when we say, high waisted leggings are the best. When you wear leggings for long hours, it’s natural for you to feel bothered by them sliding down your waist and slipping down. To prevent this from happening, you should opt for high-waisted leggings that hold and support your lower body. High-waisted leggings are easily available and affordable, and there are multiple options out there. 

Find the Perfect Fit

It’s not easy to find the right match. But if you stay focussed on the key pointers while purchasing one, you will no longer be questioning “why do leggings roll down?” Simply put, when you try them on, they should feel nice and perfect. If you feel otherwise, we suggest you check the size, perhaps go up or down a size to suit yourself. 

If you are spending more time pulling up leggings, they are too big for you. Get a smaller size in this case. And if they feel too fitted, they are probably too small for you. Your calves and thighs should not feel too pressed or loose when walking or moving around. 

The other downside to wearing a smaller size is that you will feel your hips and backside are curling up. Your movements will feel heavier causing you discomfort.

Choose Compression Fabrics

Leggings are a great choice for activewear. This is why the material plays a great role in deciding the quality of them. Compression fabric is an excellent material for leggings. They make sure to hold all the parts of your lower body nicely. Even your stomach bulges. 

There are two deciding factors here, and both are to do with the tightness of your leggings. Firstly, the tight fit when you are standing or just sitting, and then the tightness when you bend over. This is why choosing a compression fabric is vital. Any legging made from compression fabric enables you to stretch easily. But, having said that, because they are mixed with spandex (80% or more), they don’t immediately start to stretch. 

They take more time than cotton blends, hence the compression fabric. You need to pay attention to this point, as you may feel that your backside is popping out during your first trial. Let’s assure you that it gets better after a few wears. To avoid regrets, don’t buy them impulsively, rather take your time to do a trial and error run. 

Top-Seamed Waistbands Are Great Options

Top-seamed waistbands will put an end to your worries. They are particularly designed with the purpose to stay put. We suggest you stick to the renowned brands for best-made garments and activewear like Lorna Jane, Everlane, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Lululemon and Manduka. Don’t forget to read the label just to be sure. 

Wear a Belt

You know what magically helps us to keep things up. A belt. Although leggings are known to work wonders on our bodies, making them look toned, we still get frustrated with the unwanted slip-ups. So let a belt rescue you. Choose a nice belt that can hold it, and make it a no-slip legging. 

Check the Fabric Carefully

There are a variety of leggings available in the market, with different styles, and types. In most cases, you’ll come across leggings made from different kinds of fabrics. This is why you need to check with the label and instructions on the label. Every fabric needs different care, so be careful to follow the washing instructions on the labels. For example, leggings made from cotton or jersey knit tend to shrink if they are put in a dryer. So before putting them to wash and dry, make sure you are doing the right thing.

Fabrics used for activewear leggings are known for their elasticity, and unlike cotton leggings, they need to be put in the dryer to maintain the elastic in the fabric. Drying leggings on a hot setting for too long can also damage the elasticity, so be careful about the particular fabric washing instructions. 

Wash Your Leggings the Correct Way

We all have made the mistake of drying out leggings and jeans at a higher temperature, and regretted it when they shrank, ruined the color and damaged the material in some way. So, the number one rule is to wash them correctly, following the instructions given on the label for that particular fabric.

Go For Elastic Waistband Leggings

Elasticated waistbands all the way. This is a winning tip when buying leggings. Indeed, they are not so easily accessible, but if you find one, it makes it worthwhile. Leggings that don’t fall down have an elastic waistband. They are great for maternity pants as well, just make sure to adjust the waistband to your size as your belly grows. 

Waistband That Comes With Drawstrings Is a Practical Option

Drawstrings are a better choice, but not the ideal ones. This is completely a personal choice. Some people find it annoying to fix their drawstrings to keep their leggings tight around the waist. But some people absolutely cannot do without the drawstring leggings. They highly depend on fixing their waist size, particularly if you are an expecting mother. Leggings with waistband drawstrings have pros and cons, so pick according to your needs and comfort. 

Wear Your Leggings With Confidence

As we say, the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. So, no matter what you finally decide to get, make sure you are confident in it. Of course, we always advise putting comfort first. So when you have discovered a pair of leggings that does it for you, marry it up with confidence.


All this information may seem like a lot. One last tip, all ten solutions are probably not applicable when choosing the right legging, so feel free to determine the factors that are important to you and comfort. Hopefully, this read has helped you to understand the reasons and ways to keep your leggings from rolling down. Now, shop away to treat yourself to that perfect legging! If you want to learn more about Yoga Pants vs Leggings click here.