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What to Wear to Aerial Yoga

Joining your first aerial yoga class? That’s great news! Aerial yoga is a form of practicing yoga poses using a silk swing or a hammock. They are usually suspended from an aerial frame or the ceiling. 

During an aerial yoga class, you need to make sure to dress accordingly. If you are spending your time thinking about what to wear to an aerial yoga class, you are not wasting your time. 

Know What to Wear to Aerial Yoga Class

Aerial yoga is all about allowing your body to stretch and lengthen your poses. With the right outfit, you will reach a new level of stability. You will be engaging your core up in the air effortlessly with the right kind of activewear. If you’re confused about what to wear to aerial silks, we have a few suggestions for you. 

Yoga Pants

As mentioned already, wearing full pants is a safety measure. Here’s why. Plain and simple leggings are usually the best bet. Your ankles should be free, at least until you are confident. Wearing socks makes it more difficult, but being barefoot improves your grip. Full pants can help you stay covered and avoid burning your lower back and legs.

Wear two layers of clothes to save yourself from the discomfort  and pain caused by the tight aerial silk. This is a precaution you can take if you are a beginner. So pay extra attention to the requirements before investing in aerial silk outfits. Slippery fabrics will limit you from wrapping the swing around your knees. Cotton fabrics are more suitable as yoga class attire.

The wrong fabric can feel slippery and get in the way of your practice. Aerial Silk outfits are made of fabrics that are anti-slip and help you with your practise, especially in your first courses. 

See-through, no clue!

Here’s a quick tip! No one will tell you about the free show you are displaying. So you have to be careful to wear pants that are thick enough to cover your inner wear during your bends and stretches. This is probably not the best place to show off your lace panties, unless you have a mischievous plan. 

Fitted Top

Fitted clothes, all the way. You will be flipping upside down in no time. So don’t invest your time and money in buying clothes that will hold you back from trying new poses. We highly recommend fitted tops, for many reasons. 

Firstly, loose clothes will limit you from getting a good grip on your silk swing. Loose tops or shirts will get in the way of your poses, even falling over your head. This can be uncomfortable, particularly if you are unable to use your hands to make adjustments. 

Bodysuits are also becoming quite popular as aerial silk outfits. They provide extra support and coverage and stick to your body. Any type of yoga will make our bodies sweat, so wearing full sleeves and aerial silk yoga pants helps to maintain the cleanliness of the material. 

When you are up in the air, the silk will touch your underarms many times. And you know what ruins the fun? Armpit burns! God they are painful. In other words, to avoid chafing  it’s best to choose clothes that will safely support your aerial yoga forms.

Sports Bras for Women

For any kind of exercise, women must wear a sports bra. You want to have adequate support when getting into an uncomfortable pose. But for aerial yoga, you’ll be super glad to be wearing a sports bra during inversions. Come on, you and your girls are the A team, so keep them coordinated with the help of a supportive sports bra. You don’t want to constantly worry about your body weight distracting you. 


I am sure you have been distracted by your hair during an intense workout session. For aerial yoga, in particular, it is a safety need. Tying your hair properly and using a headband is an absolute necessity. There are chances of your hair getting tangled or caught up in the swing, and trust us, it can be painful. Best to be prepared and avoid such mishaps. Buy a few headbands, and always put an extra one in your gym bag.

Yoga Socks or Shoes

Anti-slip socks for adults are the best option. We are talking about the ones with the sticky nubs. They support you with your grip, especially while climbing up your swing. Remember the swing fabric is usually silk. So socks with sticky fabric help you to stay in control easily. If you avoid wearing socks during your practice, you might end up hurting your feet and get fabric burns. So this is highly recommended for first-timers. Although we have mentioned earlier why it’s ideal to do aerial yoga barefoot, but it all comes down to your preference and comfort. Having said that, socks are also a necessity in most classes to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.  

Aerial Yoga Outfits for Men

It is pretty much the same for both men and women. Men can choose to wear a half-sleeve fitted top if they like, but they will still have to be cautious about their movements to avoid fabric burns.


Meggings are the same as leggings, but for men. It is a form of men’s tights, which is a great option for men to wear to aerial yoga class. They are wide-legged and perfect for aerial yoga. You have to pick a material that supports your grip and helps you to ride up and land.

Compression Pants

These pants are made from compression garments. They are usually worn on the legs to prevent swelling. They are also a great choice for men, as they can tightly support legs. They are commonly worn for traveling. Men can also wear fitted shorts. But then again, if you are new to this, we highly recommend compression or full fitted pants.

Lightweight Tank Top

They are soft sleeveless tops for men, usually suitable for activewear. But not recommended for beginners, who are just starting their aerial classes. Anything sleeveless can get in the way of prevention from fabric burns. 

Steer Clear!

Leave behind bangles and everything that dangles!

Accessories and jewelry can ruin the fun for you! They can cause serious mishaps during aerial yoga. You need to count on your fingers, wrists and arms to hold that swing comfortably, so we ask you to please leave them behind before your practise. Even dangly earrings are a big NO, as they can get caught in the silk and rip it off. 

Even for yoga pants, refrain from buying accessorized pants with zippers and embellishments. Anything that can snag the silk is a hazard at this point, so go for plain and bumpless attires when considering what to wear to aerial yoga.

Lotions and perfumes

We are not asking you to stay smelly! Use body sprays or perfumes moderately. Avoid using anything that has a strong smell, as it can mix with the silk and leave an unpleasant smell in the room. Keep away from using lotions or oils as it can get in the way of your grip, also damage the silk.

Oh wait, what about down there?

Yes, we are being literal here. Many people prefer wearing regular underwear, but as long as you are comfortable with the material and fitting of it. It honestly doesn’t matter. You will feel a lot of rubs during your movements, so make sure you are protecting your private parts. We don’t want you to feel pain down there. 


Hopefully, you have found out aerial yoga tips helpful. And, you are now all set to decide on what to wear to aerial yoga and have an enjoyable experience. Dressing for aerial silk yoga is almost like dressing for your regular yoga class. Just pick something that seems reliable and comfortable with enough coverage and support. Don’t hold yourself back to explore the new aerial world of yoga.