How long are yoga mats? What is the best length?

How Long Are Yoga Mats

Are you just beginning your rigorous yoga practice? A yoga mat is among the necessities that you should get. Now, when selecting a yoga mat for yourself, the very first question that will pop up is, how long are yoga mats?  There is a norm for size, but what if you are a person who […]

How wide is a yoga mat? A simple guide to choose the best one!

How Wide Is a Yoga Mat

Build your yoga practice on a strong basis, as they say to do with your life. You won’t be able to completely benefit from your daily yoga routines and asanas if you don’t have a warm, appropriately sized yoga mat, so while buying one, a question always arises: how long is a yoga mat or  […]

The correct way to use a yoga mat! Which side is up?

Yoga Mat Which Side Up

Any yoga practitioner needs a yoga mat since it offers a pleasant and secure surface for practise. To get the most out of a yoga mat, you need to know the correct way to use a  yoga mat, which side up? Yoga mats often have a smoother surface on one side and a non-slip surface […]

Chirp Wheel vs. Yoga Wheel: Which One Is Ideal for You?

Yoga can be a life-changing, revitalizing experience that intensifies your entire well-being. But for people struggling with excruciating back pain, this may be just what the doctor ordered.  Chiropractors or physiotherapists often propose stretching tight tissue muscles of our spine in the opposite direction for relief. And the perfect accessory for the road to recovery […]

Easy and Cool Ideas on How to Store a Yoga Mat Properly

How To Store a Yoga Mat properly

If you ask a yogi, they will tell you that their yoga mat holds a special place in their life. For many yogis, their beloved mat is more than just yoga equipment—it is a representation of their personal healing space. Every single time you roll it out, it catches you without throwing any judgments—almost like […]

What Men wear to Yoga – The ultimate Guide to Men’s Yoga clothing

What Do Men Wear To Yoga

Let’s address the most common question that echoes through most, if not all, male yoga practitioners. What do men wear to yoga class?  Right off the bat, it is almost unfair to have this deviation when it comes to finding yoga clothes for men, particularly in today’s day and age.  It is probably grounded by […]

Alo yoga or Lululemon yoga brand: Which Brand Offers the Best Yoga Gear?

Alo Yoga or Lululemon

Yoga brands are popping up everywhere, and deciding which is the best for you can take time. You might need clarification with many options if you are looking for the perfect yoga brand to fit your lifestyle. Two of the most well-known yoga labels that have been in the industry for an extended period are […]

Avoid embarrassing panty lines in yoga pants – Which undies are helpful?

Avoiding Panty Lines in Yoga Pants

Yoga is an ancient practice that is believed to have originated in India. It is regarded as a body and mind practice as it combines a mix of meditation, physical postures, and breathing techniques to achieve relaxation. There are a variety of different types of yoga depending on your skill level and what you want […]

B Yoga Mat: Reviews and Specifications

B Yoga Mat Review

Unlike other types of fitness practices, yoga is uber minimalistic. Most effective physical exercises require various equipment, but yoga is as simple as wellness practices can get. With one simple mat, you can do almost any yoga pose you want. This makes yoga easy and undemanding. Finding the right mat can be tough. Not all […]