B Yoga Mat Review

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B Yoga Mat: Reviews and Specifications

Unlike other types of fitness practices, yoga is uber minimalistic. Most effective physical exercises require various equipment, but yoga is as simple as wellness practices can get. With one simple mat, you can do almost any yoga pose you want. This makes yoga easy and undemanding.

Finding the right mat can be tough. Not all mats have the right thickness, grip, or material that you would prefer. If you want to maximize the benefits of yoga and practice it often, you need a mat that satisfies all your yogic requirements.

The B MAT is the signature mat produced by the yoga accessories-focused Canadian company called B Yoga. This mat has become a favorite of many, with various b yoga mat reviews showing how users swear by its quality and effectiveness. Let’s take a closer look at the B MAT so that you can figure out whether it is the right yoga mat for you.

What Is a B MAT?

B Yoga was formed by Andrea Morris. Herself an avid yogi, Andrea came up with a unique product that has become the central product of her company. 

She realized that the kind of special rubber that was being used to create carpet pads had a special kind of texture that gave it intense grip. This material also happened to be both durable and environmentally friendly. 

Hence, the B MAT was formed, a top seller that has become a fan favorite. Even though you can find numerous versions of the product, both big and small, the original product is still quite popular. A few unique attributes are what gives the Bmat yoga mat its appeal.

Specifications and Details

  • The original B Yoga product, Bmat Everyday, is a 4mm thick yoga mat. Most regular yoga mats have a thickness of around 3-6mm thickness, so Bmat Everyday falls into the standard category.
  • It has a superior grip and is anti-slip.
  • It has antimicrobial properties, which means that it kills or slows down the growth of microorganisms on the mat. This can be a necessity if you sweat a lot and use the mat frequently.
  • It is made from rubber and is eco-friendly. It comes in two different lengths, 71″ (180.34 cm) and 85″ (215.9 cm). It has a standard width of 26″ (66.04 com). You can use it for various floor exercises including yoga and Pilates.
  • You can find a few varieties of the product. For example, “b mat” Strong is thicker and is great for protecting your knee joints. It has a thickness of 6mm, so it gives better cushioning to your limbs. You can also find Bmat Traveler, which is only 2mm thin and easier to carry or Bmat Long, which has more length. There is also a children’s version called the Bmat Mini.

Benefits of a B MAT

There is a good reason why the BMAT Everyday is called one of the best yoga mats out there. There are a few benefits of the mat that makes it stand out. Here are a few that will help you evaluate whether a “b mat” is the right yoga mat for you.


Even though yoga does not often make you sweat, some more difficult sessions can make you sweat rivers. If your yoga mat has poor grip, it can be potentially dangerous when your hands, feet, and the rest of your body gets sweaty.

There are many difficult postures that you have to do while practicing yoga, and slipping from those positions can end up in a hospital stay or worse. This is why owning a grippy yoga mat is a necessity if you sweat a lot, live in a humid and high-temperature environment, or are doing hot yoga.

What makes this Bmat Yoga mat special is its grip. It is non-slip and has a super grip that will ensure that you don’t slip no matter how slippery the mat might get due to sweating. So even on a hot and humid day, it will be safe to use BMAT every day.

Even with the B yoga mat vs lululemon mat debate, the majority of b yoga mat reviews cite that the B MAT has the better grip.


The Bmat yoga mat is made of 100 percent rubber. Natural rubber is highly eco-friendly, the production of this low impact on the environment. The rubber tree is sustainable and provides oxygen to the environment which helps it regulate carbon in the atmosphere.

The material for B MAT Everyday mostly consists of natural rubber with a small percentage of synthetic rubber added to it, but even that is recycled. 

All this makes it quite environmentally friendly, and this mix of both synthetic and natural rubber makes the mat more durable. The material is free of toxins, so you don’t have to worry about exposure when it comes in contact with your skin or when you sweat on it.

Easy to Maintain

B MAT Everyday is a biodegradable mat and will get worn out with poor maintenance, especially if you use it frequently. Using a more durable mat that is made of synthetic material like polyester will be bad for you and the environment, as it releases toxins.

Biodegradable products are eco-friendly. When you dispose of your B MAT, it will decompose quickly and without releasing toxic materials into the environment. Hence, you must maintain your B mat properly if you want to use it for a long time.

How to Care for Your B MAT

Wipe it down with water or with mild soapy water after use, especially if you sweat a lot during your sessions.

You can also use B Yoga’s signature mat cleaner called the Cleanser that was made for cleaning their Bmat yoga mat. This gentle cleanser was designed to clean the mats effectively without damaging them.

Make sure to deep clean your mat. Soak it in water until it is saturated with water. Then hang it up until the water runs off. Don’t dry it under direct sunlight. Let it dry in a place that is away from sunlight.

Should you have a Lululemon Yoga mat, click here to learn more about how to clean a lululemon yoga mat.


What makes yoga so accessible to people is how low maintenance it is, as the only thing you need is a mat. However, if you are going into a yoga class before or after work, having to carry around your mat for a long time can be a hassle.

A common problem with mats is that the non-toxic, natural rubber ones are generally quite heavy and difficult to carry around. 

B Mat is much lighter than regular rubber mats. Most reviews say that this grippy mat is quite light. Usually, when a mat is light, they tend to be thin and you end up hurting your knees. However, for a mat that is easy to carry around, it has superior cushioning that protects your knees. So for a lightweight mat that is only 4mm thick, it is a good, all-around product.

Customer Reviews

If you go through some of the b yoga mat reviews, you will see that most reviews talk about how much they love these mats. Many reviews cite BMAT Everyday as the best yoga mat they have ever used. B Yoga has an 81 percent five-star global rating on the e-commerce mega-site Amazon. Here are some pros and cons that the users have mentioned in their assessment.


  • Highly Grippy- Most users mention how grippy this mat is. Many said that B MAT Everyday is one of the grippiest mats they have ever used. This is why it is excellent for hot yoga. In these classes, people sweat a lot, and the mat gets very slippery. Due to its strong grip, the Bmat yoga mat is an excellent choice for these classes so that you don’t end up slipping.
  • Available in Pretty Colors- A surprising feature that users loved about B MAT Everyday was the beautiful color choices. Many reviews mentioned how much they love the color of their mat. In yoga and meditation, the outer environment matters too, and people prefer doing yoga somewhere they can truly relax. Lovely colors make the mat aesthetically pleasing, which enhances the ambiance.
  • Great for Yoga- From its superior grip to its quality cushioning, many b yoga mat reviews cite it as the best supportive accessory for yoga. Many avid users say that B MAT is a game-changer and makes it easier for users to do difficult yoga poses.
  • Value for Money- Although cheaper than other high-end mats, the B MAT yoga mat can seem expensive. However, most positive reviews have stated that it is “worth the money.”
  • Lighter than Other Quality Mats- The mat’s thickness and quality are what makes it so popular. However, most high-quality mats are heavy to carry.


  • Initial Smell- This mat is notorious for its strong smell when it is new. But most reviewers mentioned that if you air it out overnight or use it for a few days, the smell dissipates.
  • Prone to Wear and Tear- Some users said that the product can start to flake when used roughly or after a long time of use. This can be taken care of if the product is maintained properly.
  • Expensive- At 88 dollars, B MAT Everyday can be expensive. But, as consumer reviews showed, most users considered it a good value for the money.

Final Thoughts

Doing yoga should be natural, without much hassle, and the B MAT yoga mat gives you just that. For people who desire a greater grip on their yoga mat, this lightweight product is a bestseller. It is also considered a game-changer in the yoga scene for being super grippy and non-slip. If you maintain it well, it shall be your yoga companion for many days to come.