How to Connect with the Universe Through Meditation

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How to Connect with the Universe through Meditation: The Ultimate Guide to Maximise its Benefits

Meditation is becoming more popular as people seek a way to reach a state of peace and inner harmony. It’s a practice that helps people connect with a higher power. Some practitioners claim that meditation allows you to tap into the Universe’s energy and gain a deeper understanding of your place in the world. Today we will explore the idea of how to connect with the Universe through meditation and unlock its secrets. Let’s move ahead as we explain the benefits of meditation for spiritual growth and explore the connection between meditation and the Universe towards the connection of your life and the world around you.

The Quantum Field: Understanding the Universe

The Universe is a vast expanse that encompasses galaxies, stars, planets, space, and every other form of matter and energy. As matter is composed of energy, the Universe is essentially an abundance of energy. Quantum physics defines a quantum as a unit of something that cannot be divided. Everything is composed of quantized fields according to this theory. Matter and energy, including atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, and photons, are all constructed of bundles of field energy. Different quantized fields comprise the entire Universe, unified into a single quantum field. The Universe, including Earth, is essentially a quantum field. The reality in a quantum field can take on infinite potential states. Therefore, the Universe is a realm of limitless potential. 

The Importance of Connecting With the Universe

Every person possesses the power of the Universe, which is an abundant field of energy with boundless potential and opportunities.However, the main problem is that people often need to remember their inheritance and their default connection with the Universe. According to them, they are a separate entity from the Quantum Field. In reality, this is not true; their ego (the sense of “I”) has created a false sense of individuality that limits people. Suppose people can come to terms with their connection with the Universe. In that case, they will realise their potential and can unlock their boundless imagination. By accessing this abundant resource, they can create the life they’ve always dreamed of. Apart from the material needs, it can also help them transform their health and well-being positively by experiencing daily peace, love, and joy. 

How to Connect with the Universe through meditation?

The life one desires can be achieved through aligning with and tuning into the frequency and vibration of the Universe. This can be done by removing fears and increasing coherence with the Universe. By synchronising your own body, mind, and heart frequency and vibrations with those of the Universe, you can create synchronicity and entangle with the Quantum Field. Belief also plays a crucial role in manifestation, as what one believes in affects the mind and body, leading to the perception of that belief as reality. To learn how to attune with the Quantum Field, a Life Assessment survey has been put together. Believing that there is a connection between the Earth and the Universe is essential in aligning with the Quantum Field. Once the belief is present, alignment with the vibration and frequency of the Quantum Field can be achieved. 

Discovering What Works Best For You

Connecting with the energy of the Universe can take many different forms. Some people choose to use meditation or yoga, while others may prefer to use crystals or essential oils or even perform rituals and spells. Whatever works best for you is what matters most, as there is no right or wrong way to connect with the Universe. For some, the desire to connect comes from a belief that all living things are interconnected, which is at the heart of the law of attraction and is an important aspect of any manifestation practice. To overcome feeling stuck in life, you can  try cosmic energy meditation. By being at peace with yourself and living in the present moment, you can absorb the cosmic energy that has the power to positively transform your life.

Meditation as a Tool for Universal Connection

Meditation allows you to connect with something larger than yourselves, beyond just your lives on Earth. As you become aware of your body and mind as a microcosm of the Universe, you can experience a sense of inner peace and connection. Your bodies are a universe within themselves, filled with mysteries and complexities. Connecting with the Universe can be experienced in various ways, such as by viewing the stars and feeling their mystical power, being in nature, and observing the phases of the moon. Additionally, one can find this connection through faith or embracing a Nature-based spiritual practice. Alternately, some may not feel any connection at all. 

Connecting with the Universe: Explore the Power of Meditation

Here are three simple techniques to enable you to harness the power of the Universe.

Prayer and meditation

Prayer and meditation are two ways to tap into a higher power and receive guidance. Prayer is about expressing our thoughts and feelings to the divine, while meditation helps us focus and clear other thoughts. You can use prayer and meditation together to set intentions and connect with the energy of the Universe. This involves focusing on what you want to achieve and putting all your energy into it. This can help you manifest your desires through prayer or intention setting as you draw upon the energy around you. Meditation is a way to clear our minds and become open to the flow of energy around us. Through this practice, you can hear the wisdom of the Universe and connect with your intuition. It can also help you combat stress and find inner peace. At the end of the day, your energy and vibration will decide what you attract into your lives. 

Connecting with the Earth 

The Earth is a part of universal energy, and everything living on it is connected by that energy. When you connect with Earth, you connect to the same energy that connects us all. You can connect with the Earth through many activities like gardening, hiking, or walking barefoot on the grass. Earth supplies all material things, so showing gratitude and doing our part to preserve the planet is important. This is a great way to connect with the Universe through our Mother Earth. 

Connecting Through Sound 

Sound possesses a unique power to connect us with the Universe in a way that nothing else can. As the universal language, it is a frequency and vibration shared by all, irrespective of our origin. When we connect with sound, something bigger than ourselves is connected with. One simple approach to feeling connected with the Universe via sound involves listening. We should hear the myriad sounds that comprise the symphony of life around us. Another method is to create your sound. You may make or listen to music, sing your heart, or speak the truth. Sound can also be used to cleanse and purify space. Although there are numerous ways of doing this, one simple way is to ring a bell or hit a gong. As the vibrations fill the room, they will also fill you with peaceful and connected feelings. 

6 Things You Should Always Keep in Mind

Meditation allows you to achieve connection, collaboration, and unity with the Universe. Here are six compelling reasons why meditation is the best way to achieve this: 

  1. Meditation is an effective way to achieve calm state of mind

In order to feel more connected to others and the world around us, many people seek a sense of inner stillness. Meditation is an effective way to achieve this state of mind and connect with the Universe on a quantum level. 

  1. Meditation can help you reach spiritual enlightenment

Meditation can help you reach spiritual enlightenment, which is the state of mind where you are free from the worries of daily life and feel more connected to the Universe as a whole. This connection creates a feeling of unity that can help you feel more at peace and in harmony with the world around you. 

  1. Meditation creates a universal connection

As you begin to recognize your own facial expressions and emotions in others, you’ll come to realise that you are all more alike than different. This creates a universal connection that breaks down boundaries and promotes greater harmony throughout the world. 

  1. Different techniques are used in meditation to achieve the same goal

While some techniques require emptying the mind of all thoughts to attain enlightenment, others suggest being aware of one’s surroundings. Some methods focus solely on a single object, while others encourage awareness of all senses, thoughts, and stimuli. Despite the range of techniques available, the goal of achieving a meditative state remains the same – unity with others and oneness with the Universe. 

  1. Meditation gives peace of mind

In order to achieve spiritual awareness and enlightenment, it’s important to manage stress. No matter your method or practice, stress can hinder your progress. You can find the peace of mind necessary to advance on your spiritual journey by practising meditation and effective stress management techniques. 

  1. Meditation connects you with the environment 

The more connected you are with yourself, the more easily you can connect with others. This sense of unity and oneness with your environment and the Universe as a whole can be achieved by deepening your connection with others. 

11 Steps to Connect with the Universe

1. Open your mind

Before starting any task, it is important to clear your mind and focus on your breathing. Release any negative thoughts or feelings that may be lingering. To connect with the Universe through meditation, starting with an open mind is essential. Let go of any expectations or preconceived ideas of what the experience will be like. It’s important to be open to exploring new possibilities and accepting whatever comes your way. 

2.  Focus on your awareness

Take a few moments to prepare yourself mentally for the task ahead. Direct your attention to your body and become aware of your bodily sensations. Observe the rhythm of your breath as it rises and falls. Try to focus solely on these sensations. 

3. Remember Your Deepest and Most Cherished Desires

Only you, more than anyone else, understand what you truly want, and only you have the power to be your own biggest ally. Exploring yourself through meditation can help you reconnect with your aspirations and dreams and remind you that they are worthy of your attention and effort. Though the people in your life may be incredibly kind and encouraging, they won’t ever possess the same level of belief in your goals as you do. By looking inward and building your meditation practice, you can find the courage and strength to realise your dreams, even in a world where things often feel constricted and limited. It takes determination and focus to stay true to your objectives, but with meditation, you can stand firm in the face of doubt and follow the path that you have chosen. 

4. Understand How Connected You Are

It’s common to think that we must go through this life on our own, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, it’s natural to strive for independence and success, but we need to remember that we’re all part of a greater reality. We’re all connected to this creative force no matter what you call it – be it God, Mother Nature, or Spirit. Meditation helps us become one with our surroundings. It’s not about escaping the world but tapping into the Universe’s power. When we meditate, we start to vibrate in harmony with the divine soul. This leads to greater openness and deeper connections with others. Our lives become more meaningful when we recognize our part in the big picture. 

5. Synchronise with the Universe

After aligning your heart and grounding your body with the Earth, you synchronise with the Quantum Field. Your energy vibrations flow out from your body and back in, connecting with the energy of the Universe. You will experience a lifted heart, joy, and positive energy. 

6. Create a Clearer Vision

Imagine yourself surrounded by the immensity of the Universe. Feel the power and energy that it exudes, allowing yourself to be filled with a sense of wonderment and amazement. By journeying inward, your perception can sharpen and become more focused. As you unearth your true self, identify your aspirations, and connect with others, life becomes less complicated. Your instincts guide you, and you start to make wiser decisions. You recognize which situations are hindering your progress and which ones are promoting it. Your appreciation for life deepens, you blossom into your authentic self, and you discover more beauty in the world around you. 

7. Practice Breathwork

One of the easiest ways to communicate with the Universe is by practising breathwork. Concentrate on your breath and allow it to become slower and deeper. As you deepen your breath, sense your connection to the Universe expanding. Let your breath serve as a bridge between you and the Universe. 

8. Affirm your connection 

To affirm your connection to the Universe, repeat a positive statement such as “I am connected to the universe” or “I am part of the whole.” This is a powerful way to acknowledge and strengthen your connection to the Universe. 

9. Take Time to Reflect

It is important to take time to reflect and contemplate your connection to the Universe. It is crucial to observe how this connection makes you feel and how it can alter your perspective on life. 

10. End your meditation 

When you feel ready, take a few moments to reflect on your experience and offer gratitude to the Universe before ending your meditation. 

11. Make it a habit 

To create the life you desire, make repeating these ten manifestation equations steps a daily routine for the next seven days. Do this as the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. 

A Guide on How to Connect with the Universe Through Meditation 

  1. Get into a position that is comfortable for you, either sitting or lying down.
  2. Pay attention to your breath entering and exiting your body. 
  3. Close your eyes and visualise your body’s position in your room and city. 
  4. Imagine your body’s cells, the Universe of organs, blood, and DNA. 
  5. Take in a deep breath and exhale, giving thanks to your body, mind, and all the functions that keep you alive.
  6. Zoom out and envision the cosmos. 
  7. Look up at the sky and see the stars, planets, and endless space. 
  8. Remember that you, too, are part of this intricate tapestry of stars and the universal rhythm of life.
  9. Return your focus to your breath and the present moment. 
  10. Use this meditation anytime you feel lost, lonely, or disconnected. 

Connect to the Universe with OM: The Power of the One Meditation Technique

Om or Aum is an extremely potent and divine sound that encompasses the entire Universe. It is a one-syllable sound representing complete harmony. When you chant it, you invite that same harmony within yourself. As it is believed to be the first sound of the Universe and the breath of life, chanting Om while breathing in and out fills you with cosmic energy. This is the simplest yet most powerful meditation technique. It connects us effortlessly to the pulse of the Universe. As you continue chanting, it vibrates, resounds, and ultimately harmonises within you, guiding you through your daily life. 

Using Om: A Quick Guide

Give Om a try by doing the following:

  1. Sit up straight and close your eyes.
  2. Inhale deeply and exhale fully.
  3. Take another deep breath, and exhale while making a low “Aaaaa” sound from your belly.
  4. Slowly transition into a “Uuuu” sound, still using your deep breath.
  5. As you approach the midpoint of your exhalation, softly close your lips and commence humming the sound “Mmmmmmm.”
  6. Let your sound taper off into silence.
  7. Congratulations, you’ve completed one Om! 

Tips to meditate with Om

  1. To feel connected with your inner self, try chanting Om 3 times and focus on the silence between each chant. 
  2. This silence will help you connect with the Universe. 
  3. To make it a daily meditation practice, try chanting Om 21 times every day for 21 days. 
  4. The best time for this practice is at dawn, but it can be done at any time of the day. 

A List of Ways to Connect With the Universe

To connect with the Universe, follow these steps: 

  • Pay attention to your limiting thoughts. 
  • Determine what you want to request from the Universe. 
  • Be consistent with what you think, say, and do. 
  • Be open to receiving and aware of what you give. 
  • Use affirmations, prayer, meditation, visualisation, journaling, and gratitude for everything you receive. 
  • Remember that you have the ability to create. 

5 Ways to Manifest Your Dream Life with the Universe in Your Corner

Positive mindset 

To attract positive outcomes, it’s important to maintain a positive mindset. The feelings and thoughts that one carries can have a profound effect on the surrounding Universe without even realising it. By emitting positive vibrations, we can align ourselves with the energetic flow of the Universe and feel unstoppable. 

Trust the Universe 

Please put your trust in the Universe that it will fulfil your hopes and dreams. Believe that your wishes are on the way. Unlock your imagination to the abundance that the Universe can provide, and feel supported by its power. This will create a powerful base for manifesting good things in your life and generating positive energy. 

Trust the power of writing

It’s important to have faith in the power of writing. To help make your desires a reality, start a journal. Writing down your aspirations in detail and with precision is key, as the Universe responds best to clear and specific intentions. Write your wishes and goals as if they are already happening in the present tense. 

Tap into your subconscious realm

To enhance your chances of fulfilling your wishes, try tapping into your subconscious before falling asleep by repeating your wish as a mantra for about five minutes. Focus on the specific word or feeling that represents your wish. By programming your subconscious with your intention before bed, even if you are not fully conscious, you send a stronger and clearer signal to the Universe. This helps your subconscious and soul do the inner work while you sleep, moving you closer to achieving your goals when you wake up. 

Trust your instincts 

Trust your instincts and act on them. The Universe responds to your request through hunches like a voice in your mind urging you to contact someone, read a book, or travel somewhere. Those who loves you, your heavenly beings, and your spiritual advisors are always present to guide you towards fulfilling your purpose and desire at the deepest level of your being.

Connecting With The Universe Through Meditation: Unveiling its Mysteries

  • Meditation can be practised either individually or in a group setting, with varying methods available for each. There are different methods to do meditation, including seated, walking and mindfulness meditation, and each of these forms is a way to become more aware of the energy in the Universe. 
  • During meditation, focusing on the breath and being aware of the body and mind is important. Being open to the energy of the Universe and being present at the moment is also important. 
  • Through the practice of meditation, an individual can establish a connection with the Universe and gain a deeper understanding of the mysteries that lie within the spiritual realm. This tool can be of great value in understanding the operation of the Universe and the forces that regulate it. Through meditation, one can connect with their spiritual journey and the connection between the individual and the Universe. 
  • Moreover, meditation can be used for self-exploration and discovery. It creates a sense of inner peace and balance and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation can also give individuals a better understanding of themselves and their place in the Universe. 
  • Exploring the mysteries of the Universe through meditation can be a rewarding experience. It’s a powerful tool for becoming more aware of the energy of the Universe and the way it affects individuals. With meditation, individuals have access to the spiritual realm and the workings of the Universe.


How does it feel to connect with the Universe?

Connecting with the Universe can be an incredibly enlightening experience. Many people describe a profound sense of interconnectedness and oneness when they take the time to tune into the natural world around them. Whether taking a walk in nature, stargazing, or simply meditating, connecting with the Universe can bring peace and fulfilment to our lives. Some may even describe it as a spiritual experience, feeling a deeper connection to something greater than themselves. Sometimes people also talk about seeing purple during meditation or seeing purple spots during meditation.  The colour purple represents your spirituality and inner imagination. It is regarded as an introspective colour that helps you to connect with your innermost feelings.  

How to identify the signs from the Universe?

When identifying signs from the Universe, it’s important to trust your intuition and keep an open mind. Signs can come in various forms, such as repetitive numbers, unexpected encounters with certain people or animals, or even gut feeling about a situation. Pay attention to patterns or synchronicities that may be occurring in your life. It is beneficial to set intentions and seek guidance or clarification from the Universe on a specific subject.  Remember to remain present and aware at the moment to better tune into any signs or messages that may be trying to reveal themselves to you. 

How to deepen my connection with the Universe through meditation?

Meditation can help you establish a deeper connection with the Universe. Just take the time to practise it regularly, to train your mind to become still, to open your heart, and to attune to the divine energy that flows through all things. Get yourself a serene and comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed; sit down in a chair or cushion with your back straight. Put your hands on your thighs and close your eyes, taking a deep breath and paying attention to your breathing in and out. Don’t get involved when some thoughts or sensations come; observe and let them go, like passing clouds in the sky. Keep sinking into the present moment, letting go of all else. As your practice becomes more profound, you may feel a sense of peace, calmness, and connectivity with the Universe. You might even be inspired or experience a spiritual awakening. Whatever you come across, trust that it is exactly what you need then, and permit yourself to surrender to the divine energy surrounding you. On a side note you can also give Lord Hanuman Meditation a try for a profound spiritual awakening. It is one of the most highly desired forms of meditation that harnesses the strength, courage, and unwavering devotion of the powerful deity. 

How can I become more aware of the Universe through manifestation?

Manifestation is focusing on that by focusing your thousand beliefs; you can attract things into your life. Many people believe that the Universe will give them what they want if they use manifestation correctly. While there is no scientific evidence that supports this claim, there are many success stories that suggest that manifestation can be effective. The idea of manifestation is rooted in the law of attraction, which proposes that similar things attract each other. If you concentrate on positive thoughts and beliefs, you will draw more positive experiences into your life. Conversely, if you give attention to negative thoughts, you will attract negative experiences.

How do I know that the Universe is trying to tell me something?

It can be not easy to decipher when the Universe is trying to tell us something. However, there are signs that we can look out for. One sign is a recurring coincidence or pattern in your life. If you keep seeing or experiencing the same thing over and over again, it may be a message from the Universe. Another sign is a feeling of intuition or a gut instinct. If you strongly feel something, it’s important to listen to it and trust that it may be a sign from the Universe. Lastly, the Universe may use people or situations as messengers to deliver a message to you. Pay attention to the people and events happening in your life, as they may hold clues about what the Universe is trying to tell you. Remember, it’s important to keep an open mind and trust the signs the Universe may send you. 


In conclusion, the practice of meditation serves as a potent technique that allows individuals to establish a deeper connection with the energy and essence that permeates the Universe. Through the practice of mindfulness and introspection, you can find a sense of inner peace and harmony that allows you to feel more connected to the world at large. Regularly incorporating meditation into your daily routines can cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the Universe, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.