Gifts For Yoga Teachers

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28 Gifts for Yoga Teachers. The Best Ways to Express Gratitude

The holiday season is here and most of us are ready with the list of people we wish to thank for their presence in our lives. However, deciding what to give takes up most of our energy. After all, we all want to give something they’d love, something that’s not cliché, and something that won’t be redundant. It gets tougher when the recipient is someone you don’t share a personal relationship with. Like your yoga teacher! 

It can get incredibly difficult to choose gifts for yoga teachers because who wants to gift another sipper or yoga mat? You cannot skip them either because they deserve some love and gratitude for helping you get moving throughout the year.

Well, we hear you! We just made choosing a gift easier for you. Be it your teacher’s birthday, or just a token of gratitude from you, we have you covered with our exhaustive list of gift options for yoga teachers.

So, let’s dive in!

How to choose among a wide variety of gifts for yoga teachers?

There is undeniably a huge variety of gifts available online and offline. This can make it overwhelming to choose one. Here are some criteria that can help you to narrow down your search:

  • Gifts based on budget: Like always, budget is a great filter that you can apply to your search. You do not necessarily need to set aside an exorbitant sum as there are decent options for every budget.
  • Gifts based on application: Do you want to gift them something that can deepen their yoga practice or just improve the aesthetic appeal of their studio or a personal gift like clothes? This is a great way to only look only in the direction that you’d be going in. 

Practical gifts for Yoga teachers

  1. A yoga mat bag: A yoga mat is the most important accessory for yoga practitioners, but not the easiest thing to carry around. A good quality yoga mat bag can help resolve the issue and also become a wonderful style companion. You can choose among a wide variety of yoga mat bags based on your budget and what you like. A bigger bag with specific compartments for a sipper and yoga accessories like blocks and blankets can be a very practical gift.
  2. Yoga flip flops: While these do not come under the list of must-have yoga accessories, many practitioners prefer to use flip-flops for their flexibility and breathability. If your yoga teacher is one of them, flip-flops made of yoga mat material could be a great way to thank them.
  3. Meditation cushion: Your yoga teacher is often on the go, and gifting them some comfort could be a great thing to do. A soft and supportive meditation cushion can help them keep pains at bay. They can also use it in their classes when they are instructing the students and not performing the poses themselves.
  4. A foam roller: Sore muscles and exhaustion are a part of the compensation package for fitness instructors. A good quality foam roller can help them to relax and loosen up their muscles.
  5. An extra thick yoga mat: This is one of those cliched gifts that all of us despise. However, come to think about it, your yoga teacher cannot do without a mat and an extra thick mat will only offer them extra cushioning for their consecutive yoga sessions. If they already have one, it can be used in their studio.
  6. A water bottle: An intense yoga session can leave one quite sweaty. A good water bottle can help your teacher to rehydrate after a session. If you think that they may already have one, a personalized one can make a special gift. Look for vendors that engrave names or initials on metal bottles and you are good to go. You can also opt for lightweight, BPA-free sports sippers that look chic and are affordable too. Also, do checkout for bottles that have a capacity marker, reminding them how much water they have consumed during the day. This will help them to track their appropriate water consumption through the day!
  7. A hydration station for their studio: Unlike gyms, yoga studios normally do not have water stations and practitioners carry their water from home. If you have a high budget, you can help them by gifting them a water-filling station for their studio. 
  8. Yoga mat cleaner: Sweat can make yoga mats unhygienic. They also degrade faster if not cleaned regularly. A yoga mat cleaning spray can be used to wipe down the mat between deep cleanings. It makes for a great gift for busy teachers and lets them go longer between thorough cleaning sessions for their mat. If you are interested in cleaning your Lululemon Yoga mat, then click here.
  9. Anti-Skid yoga socks: Anti-skid socks are perfect for all floor types and help to stay warm and comfortable session after session.

Gifts for yoga teachers that can help them to improve their sessions

  1. A Tibetan singing bowl set: We all know that the most successful yoga classes are ones that have a calming aura and facilitate mental peace. Your teacher can help her students to meditate well and feel better with a Tibetan singing bowl. The bowl uses deep tones and soothing sounds to create a peaceful vibe. The teacher can use it to feel better during her practice and also improve their sessions.
  2. Yoga accessories: Accessories like yoga blocks, bolsters, wheels, etc. can be used to deepen their own practice or to improve their sessions. A yoga wheel makes for a thoughtful gift as it allows one to relax the spine and calm the muscles after a long day of teaching poses. One can also use them to start the morning on a positive and soothing note.
  3. Knee pad cushions: Soft knee pad yoga cushions help to make knee-involving yoga poses more comfortable and can be used in classes to help the students enjoy even the most demanding poses.

Decorative gifts for yoga teachers

  1. Statues for their studio or practice den: Who doesn’t want to improve the aesthetics of their space? Beautiful statues to adorn their yoga space can never get redundant and are available in all price ranges. Elephant yoga figurines are all the rage this season. You can choose them or other beautiful and bigger ceramic statues.
  2. A designer yoga clock: Although clocks with yoga poses instead of numbers and clock hands forming yoga poses have been around for a few years, they never really get old or overdone. They can perfectly complement the décor of a yoga studio or the room of a practitioner and become a great conversation starter.
  3. Scented candles: Help them to make their studio smell divine with naturally scented candles. Look for ones that come in tins and glass containers to mitigate fire hazards.
  4. Essential oils and incense sticks: Essential oils can be used in diffusers to help the studio have a mild and lingering fragrance. Incense sticks can be a more instant way to freshen up the space and make the atmosphere more soothing for practitioners.
  5. Books about yoga and mindfulness: Not only can yoga teachers deepen their practice with yoga-related books, but they can also offer more value to their students.

Belief-based gifts for yoga teachers

  1. Healing crystals: Healing stones and crystals have the world of yogis and yoginis divided. Whether you believe in their efficacy or not, they are still aesthetically pleasing, and your yoga teacher may appreciate them. However, choose them only if they are a spiritual practitioner believing in them. If you do not know them so well, it may make sense to choose another gift from the list.

Apparel and jewelry gifts for yoga teachers

  1. A lotus flower pendant or necklace: The lotus is a revered symbol in yoga. It symbolizes purity, growth, and a lot more. Your yoga teacher will love to flaunt a lotus pendant or necklace, and you can use it to thank them for the growth they have facilitated. While you can get lotus jewelry at a diverse range of prices, you can opt for a piece in sterling silver if you have a higher budget.
  2. Yoga tights or leggings: If your instructor is a woman, they can never have enough beautiful, well fitting yoga tights. Choose among a variety of prints and styles and help them slay in style as they head to their sessions each day.
  3. Cotton yoga apparel: Loose harem pants, white cotton apparel and other subdued clothing choices have gained popularity as yoga apparel over the years. Many sustainable brands are creating beautiful and environmentally friendly yoga outfits. You can choose among them and give more wardrobe choices to your trainer.
  4. Fun T-shirts with quotes and images: If your teacher likes to keep it casual, you can choose a fun t-shirt with yoga-related images or quotes.
  5. Workout headbands: Sweating profusely is an inseparable part of the fitness profession. Breathable and sweat-wicking headbands make for great gifts for yoga teachers who can keep their hair from coming on their faces and feel comfortable during the class.

Fun gifts for yoga teachers

  1. Yoga Dice: Everyone likes a good challenge and yoga dice can be a great way for your teacher to try new and challenging sequences. The dice faces have different poses with varying levels of difficulty and the teacher can roll it and do the pose that comes up. The teacher can also use the dice to design new sequences for their classes.
  2. Sarcastic yoga coasters or posters: This is also one of the gifts that you can choose only if you know your teacher well. If they appreciate sarcastic humor, posters and coasters with yoga images and funny quotes can make for a nice and quirky gift.
  3. Yoga Cards: Yoga cards also work just like yoga dice and can be a fun way for your teacher to embrace a new challenge or conduct fun sessions at their studio.


We hope you find something your yoga teacher will love. However, remember that it is the emotion that counts. A small thank-you note can do the trick too. We recommend including it with your gift or presenting it as a beautiful card to see a priceless shine in your teacher’s eyes.