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An Easy Guide on how to Hang a Yoga Trapeze in Your Apartment

Are you a yoga enthusiast or proudly call yourself a yogi? Now, here is the interesting part, how does doing yoga up in the air sound? Yes, you read that right. You can now have a lot more fun with your yoga poses by hanging in the air, with the help of a yoga trapeze. Keep reading, if you are intrigued to find out what a yoga trapeze is and how to hang a yoga trapeze in your apartment. Don’t be worried if you have just started your yoga journey, anyone looking to improve their flexibility is welcome to get on a trapeze. You can thank us later!

What is Yoga Trapeze?

The yoga trapeze, also known as a yoga swing, is a prop-based, therapeutic form of yoga. It is an alternative approach that complements the typical yoga forms, creating a full-body fitness routine. It makes all the poses accessible even for first-timers who feel they have limitations on the mat. 

Yoga Trapeze Buying Guide

Choosing a Suitable Yoga Trapeze

A little bit of research never hurts anyone! Buying a yoga trapeze can be overwhelming as there are so many elements to consider. So, go all out. This article will hopefully guide you through. If you want to see it to believe it, you can even get a small taste of the trapeze at a yoga class near you.

You will fall in love with inversion (like viparita karani), where the flow of energy is reversed. It will leave you feeling blissful after Savasana in the trapeze. You might come out of the class wondering how it could benefit you to have a hanging yoga trapeze in your apartment. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of the yoga trapeze, you should contemplate factors like handling comfort, swing seat size, material, and installation process. Why don’t you let us assist you in the process and strike out all the uncertainties. 

Select the Right Protective Flooring

The most important safety consideration if you are going to hang a trapeze in your apartment is the padding, especially if you are a beginner. Remember safety comes first. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Choose the Right Mounting Option

Providing a stable mounting point is key to ensuring safety. You have to choose options according to the available space in your apartment. Your options are mounting from the ceiling or exposed beams. Either way, make sure it’s away from walls, where you can have a full range of motion in every direction. If you have seen a hanging yoga swing before, you will notice that they are placed higher than a doorway system. 

  • Exposed Beam

Your setup procedure will be a lot easier if you have an exposed beam to use. Drape the straps over the beam and let the ends hang down on both sides, and you’ll be hanging upside down in no time. 

  • Ceiling

For a permanent setup, it is ideal to use ceiling hooks, which are easily available in most home goods or hardware stores. They are extremely stable and usually mount into concrete or wood.

Door Open vs Door Closed Mounting

​With the help of a specially designed tool known as a door mount bar, you can easily hang the trapeze in your doorway. If installed properly, maintaining all safety measures, doorway yoga can be a great option.

Door mounting bars only have two options: a closed-door option and an open-door option. Closed-door options can be extremely quick and easy to set up but will have limitations in how you can use your trapeze.

The open-door option has more advantages, although it requires more mounting equipment. It also takes longer to install and uninstall. You will be able to reap the benefits of yoga trapeze, having enough room to stretch out your arms makes it more worthwhile.

Choose and Install the Right Mounting Bar

Get a sturdy, rock-solid mounting bar for the suspension. They can be similar to a pull-up bar. You have to constantly give priority to your safety, ensuring the mounting bar attaches securely. Find something that is suitable for diverse and free movements that allows you to release your body weight.

Speaking of body weight, it’s really important for you to find out how much weight the mounting bar can hold. It will help to determine the right one for you. Finding the bar’s capacity is extremely essential for safety. There will be a weight limit on most of the ceiling hooks, bars and even the trapeze you purchase. The ideal trapeze will hold upto 450 lbs (207kg), but in reality, it can hold even more (up to 600 lbs or 272kg).  But this does not mean you can push it to that weight. While you do your calculations, you have to leave out weight for the actual hammock. Don’t forget your body weight multiplies when you are up in the air due to gravity. Best is to purchase it from a renowned manufacturer.

Do you have everything you need? Go through our checklist to set up your trapeze.

The measurements on your door, with a closed door should be about 4.5 inches. The width of the door frame should be between 26 inches (min.) to 36 inches (max.). Please note that there should be an additional 2.5 inches  for the brackets that are 2 inches by 2 inches. Don’t forget a screwdriver, better if you can manage an electric one!

Warning! – Try not to do it yourself if you are unsure. Get professional help, which always works out to be faster and safer.

Let’s Talk Safety!

Do a test run before you explore complicated poses. Place a safety mat underneath for the falls. Go easy until you are confident, as you can end up with back injuries. You should also think about having an adequate amount of space for you to use the trapeze. Keep an open area of 9 Feet from the ground to the ceiling, and ample space around the trapeze. Maybe hop around merrily to see if you hit something. To give you a direction, it is safe to leave 9 foot diameter, meaning 4.5 in front and back. 

Why not do a split and see how much room your legs and arms need? Mark the area, and try to leave extra feet just to be sure. Yes, we know you are thinking about the massive prop you are considering to buy. Having said that, we want to give you an honest guideline that will help you make the right choice.

Take a look around. Don’t overestimate the space you have, take actual measurements. Every house is built differently, so try to be reasonable with yourself before you make a decision. 

Seek Help

If you are confident that your apartment can accommodate a yoga trapeze, it’s time for you to check for safety measures. Check the whole area you have picked to hang the trapeze. Is the ceiling safe to hold your weight? Is the door area a secure zone? Think about all the possible obstacles, after all this is your home, you don’t want any damages. Again, if you have questions, we recommend you to head to a professional for help. They often offer solutions to ensure that the trapeze is hung at a safe space keeping all the safety measures in mind. It may add to the cost, but a bad injury may be worse. So, don’t be penny wise and pound foolish!

Time to Hang the Yoga Trapeze

This is the final stage of your yoga trapeze installation. Before you hang the trapeze, be sure to recheck the sturdiness of your mounting bar. You can begin to hang the drapes of the trapeze. Please ensure that the two beams are parallel, ensuring stability. 

When you are satisfied with the placement, don’t forget to test the setup before enjoying your therapeutic sessions. 

Hassle-free alternative

There are alternatives to hanging a trapeze in your apartment. Look around your apartment, and if you spot any exposed beams. Bam! All you need is secured daisy chains, and hang it from the loops. Voila!

Another ideal and easiest option is to find yourself a portable yoga swing. Yes, they are available for you to enjoy a hassle free session.


What is a yoga swing?

A yoga swing is also known as a yoga hammock or a yoga trapeze.

What is the best yoga trapeze?

There are many in the market. Find one according to your home space and functional needs.

Does a yoga trapeze help with chronic back pain?

A. Yes absolutely! It is recommended by doctors to explore inversion therapy using a yoga swing or yoga trapeze to recover from back injuries or back pain. 


If you are concerned about improving your flexibility and body strength, whether you are a beginner or a pro, a yoga trapeze will become your go-to tool. It is essential for you to look for a safe and reliable trapeze that can cater to your personal needs. 

Once you have found the perfect one, you will enter into a whole new world of yoga. You’ll soon find that there is no wrong way to use your yoga trapeze—and who doesn’t feel like flying through air in your own apartment?