How long is a Yoga mat of perfect length for any height?

How Long Is a Yoga Mat

Trying to pick the perfect Yoga mat? It can be challenging – so many sizes and shapes to choose from! It might be really confusing if you ask yourself  how long is a Yoga mat of perfect length is or precisely what’s the correct length for you?  Well, let’s clear this confusion and unravel the […]

How to Clean A Lululemon Yoga Mat – Natural and Easy Ways

The best things in life are simple, and this saying fits yoga perfectly. Practicing yoga does not require much in comparison to any other traditional form of exercise. This is why venturing out into the world of yoga is convenient, as it only requires one thing—your yoga mat.  Other than the proper clothes, your yoga […]

Too Many Choices, So Tell Me What Size Yoga Mat Should I Get?

Your mat, your faithful yoga mat knows how to welcome you with all the warmth every single time. You may have skipped your yoga practice for something else, but you know who’s always there to listen to your calm and lift you up? – your support system, your yoga mat. Must we say more about […]