Can we do yoga without a mat? Benefits and Drawbacks

Yoga Without A Mat

Ever practice yoga without a mat? If not, try now! Yoga without a mat has numerous advantages and can be more practical and pleasant than before. You don’t need to carry your yoga mat in your car or bring it with you everywhere. Yoga on the bare floor, or even outdoors in nature, has several […]

How To Clean Liforme Yoga Mat, To Make It Look And Smell Like New Again?

How to Clean Liforme Yoga Mat

Your mat must be kept clean no matter how often you practise Yoga. Dirt, sweat, and bacteria can build up on your mat and, if not properly cleaned, can cause skin irritation and even infections. But don’t worry – cleaning your Yoga mat is easier than you may think. With the proper techniques and materials, […]

How to make yoga mat sticky again? Note down some amazing tips & tricks!

How to Make Yoga Mat Sticky

Do you need help executing your yoga poses frequently or adequately lose your grip on a brand-new yoga mat? Are you curious to discover more about how to make yoga mat sticky again? And find out what the issue is & how to fix a slippery Lululemon yoga mat. It’s always gratifying to unfold a […]

How Can You Jump Rope on a Yoga Mat, and Is it safe?

Can You Jump Rope on a Yoga Mat

Aren’t you curious if you can jump rope on a yoga mat or if it’s too risky? It may sound like a silly question, yet it is vital. Jumping rope is an excellent form of cardiorespiratory exercise, and combining it with yoga can be a great way to energize your heart and work up a […]

How to Clean Manduka Yoga Mat and increase its life expectancy?

How to clean Manduka Yoga mat

Buying a Manduka mat is quite an investment, so you must ensure you look after it properly. If you think you can treat your Manduka mat just like a regular yoga mat and throw it in the wash, then you’re wrong because this could be a disaster for your expensive purchase. That’s why we’re here […]

Can you do Yoga on carpet without using a Yoga mat and still not get hurt?

Can You Do Yoga on Carpet

A common question among those who practise Yoga is can you do Yoga on carpet without getting hurt? Some claim it’s impossible, while others say it’s easy and safe. The truth is that there are both pros and cons to doing Yoga on carpet, and it’s important to consider them before making a decision. So, […]

60 handpicked Yoga Quotes About Balance, Anger and Happiness

Yoga Quotes About Balance

When Yoga is in question, balance can refer to the right way of practicing it or bodily alignment while maintaining any position. More abstractly, it means the harmony between  your soul, mind, and body that eventually opens the doorway to the utmost “moksha.” It may also mean eliminating the patterns that sway you from the […]

What are the benefits of yogi detox tea? Should you really try it?

Yogi Detox Tea Benefits

Do you struggle with sleep? We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, but sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can’t seem to drift off. Gut health, stress, and your immune system can play a significant role in your overall quality of sleep. If you’re struggling to get some shut-eye, […]

How to get Lululemon Yoga mat stains out and make it look brand new?

Lululemon Yoga Mat Stains

If you’re using a Lululemon Yoga mat, you know it can look a little worse for wear after a few months. It’s normal to get frustrated trying to remove the strains from this mat. It may seem like an impossible challenge. So if your Lululemon Yoga mat needs some TLC (“tender loving care“), you’re in […]