How long are yoga mats? What is the best length?

How Long Are Yoga Mats

Are you just beginning your rigorous yoga practice? A yoga mat is among the necessities that you should get. Now, when selecting a yoga mat for yourself, the very first question that will pop up is, how long are yoga mats?  There is a norm for size, but what if you are a person who […]

How to clean a Cork yoga? Quick tips on personal hygiene

How to Clean Cork Yoga Mat

Are you tired of struggling to keep your cork yoga mat clean and fresh? Well, fret no more! In this guide, we will unravel the secrets to maintaining a spotless and hygienic cork yoga mat. Whether you’re a dedicated yogi or a newbie seeking the perfect practice surface, learning how to clean your cork yoga […]

How wide is a yoga mat? A simple guide to choose the best one!

How Wide Is a Yoga Mat

Build your yoga practice on a strong basis, as they say to do with your life. You won’t be able to completely benefit from your daily yoga routines and asanas if you don’t have a warm, appropriately sized yoga mat, so while buying one, a question always arises: how long is a yoga mat or  […]

The correct way to use a yoga mat! Which side is up?

Yoga Mat Which Side Up

Any yoga practitioner needs a yoga mat since it offers a pleasant and secure surface for practise. To get the most out of a yoga mat, you need to know the correct way to use a  yoga mat, which side up? Yoga mats often have a smoother surface on one side and a non-slip surface […]

Easy and Cool Ideas on How to Store a Yoga Mat Properly

How To Store a Yoga Mat properly

If you ask a yogi, they will tell you that their yoga mat holds a special place in their life. For many yogis, their beloved mat is more than just yoga equipment—it is a representation of their personal healing space. Every single time you roll it out, it catches you without throwing any judgments—almost like […]

The Complete Guide on how to Wash a Yoga Mat in the Washing Machine

How To Wash A Yoga Mat In The Washing Machine

“We don’t sweat, we glisten.” As much as we love to glorify blood, sweat, and tears we shed on those dear mats of ours, the truth is that your yoga mat is a magnet for germs and bacteria.  The physical practice of yoga focuses on purifying your body by activating the muscles by folding, twisting, […]

B Yoga Mat: Reviews and Specifications

B Yoga Mat Review

Unlike other types of fitness practices, yoga is uber minimalistic. Most effective physical exercises require various equipment, but yoga is as simple as wellness practices can get. With one simple mat, you can do almost any yoga pose you want. This makes yoga easy and undemanding. Finding the right mat can be tough. Not all […]

Are Yoga Mats Waterproof & Machine Washable? If Yes, Learn How

Are Yoga Mats Waterproof

Yoga is superb for body and mind, offering low-impact exercise that boosts flexibility, strength, balance, and well-being. However, doing Yoga outside or in humid conditions can make your mat wet and slippery, posing risks and challenges. There are numerous Yoga mats available, but if you need one to handle sweat effectively, you may wonder: are […]

Tips on How to Clean your Jade Yoga Mat – Your Guide to a nice and clean mat

How to Clean your Jade Yoga Mat (1)

Yoga has been around for hundreds of years, offering numerous benefits to our overall health. The major factor that makes practicing yoga super accessible is the fact that it doesn’t demand much—other than a yoga mat. This probably explains why more people are getting hooked on this hassle-free form of exercise. Yoga does not require […]

Why do you need a yoga mat? Is it really important?

Why Do You Need A Yoga Mat

Is a yoga mat required? Many individuals believe that using a yoga mat is essential for practicing yoga. It very well may be as all yoga enthusiasts carry this yoga companion with them for their yoga regimen. At some point during the practice, every yoga practitioner tends to have this question pop into their head, […]