Blue Light Meditation

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Blue Light Meditation: The Meaning, Significance, Benefits & Steps To Practice It

Imagine a form of meditation that combines the soothing power of mindfulness with the therapeutic benefits of blue light – the secret is “Blue Light Meditation.”

This article will discuss the significance, symbolism, and various interpretations woven into this unique practice. But it doesn’t stop there; we’ll also reveal how you can reap its numerous benefits and even provide a step-by-step guide on mastering Blue Light Meditation. Intrigued right? 

Let’s get ready to discover how this captivating meditation technique can illuminate your path to inner peace and well-being.

What is the Significance of Seeing a Bright Blue Light During Meditation?

Experiencing blue light is truly amazing and highly spiritual. It symbolizes pure spirituality, the vastness of the universe. When you see a blue light around someone or yourself, it shows that your inner being is connected with infinity, and your spiritual growth is expanding in a significant way. This spiritual energy affects both your inner and outer lives. 

Blue light also symbolizes trust, loyalty, and responsibility, bringing order and organization to your life, which leads to relaxation and stress reduction. Its calming effect helps reduce anxiety as it promotes tranquility and peace. Seeing blue light during meditation might indicate an opening of your throat chakra. The throat chakra is situated in the center of your neck and helps improve communication by allowing energy to flow between your body and head.

Some renowned spiritual Masters possess predominantly blue light, like Lord Krishna, even though they exhibit various other colors as well.

The Different Meanings & Symbolism of Blue Light in Meditation

 Meditation blue light meaning can signify various things based on your feelings and experiences. 

Healing of the Throat Chakra 

Encountering a blue light or energy during meditation likely signals healing of the throat chakra – the fifth of our seven chakras. Each chakra corresponds to a unique purpose and color.

The throat chakra governs self-expression and honest communication. Imbalances in this area may result in neck pain, sore throats, or other issues. Communication difficulties can also arise, including struggles in expressing one’s needs. If blue appears during meditation, it could signify the unlocking of the throat chakra.

Seeing Blue Glow During Meditation

A blue glow may indicate a balanced and open throat chakra. This implies that your organs connected to the throat chakra are in good health and that you possess strong communication skills and increased creativity in the workplace.

Seeing Blue People During Meditation

Indicates a strong social life, good communication, and being an interesting person to be around.

Blue Pigeon Sightings

Represents the possibility of receiving good news soon, like reconnecting with an old friend or receiving an invitation.

Conversations with Deceased Blue Figures

Symbolizes longing for lost loved ones, feelings of guilt, and the potential for a blocked throat chakra due to sadness.

Observing Blue Eyes in Others

Suggests that people see you positively and appreciate your comforting nature, wisdom, and advice.

Encountering an Unlocked Blue Door

This signifies an upcoming conversation with a positive outcome and should be embraced when it occurs.

Finding a Locked Blue Door

Warns of communication obstacles with unexpected people and advises trusting your instincts to avoid negative outcomes.

Crossing a Blue Light Bridge in Meditation

This reflects accepting helpful assistance from others, leading to problem-solving and progress; not crossing the bridge indicates missed opportunities or false help.

Bathing in Blue Light

Seeing yourself bathed in blue light during meditation signifies cleansing and filling your soul and body with positive energy. Blue light symbolizes psychophysical health and mood. Use this period of peak strength for the benefit of you and your family, leading to prosperity on spiritual and physical levels.

Flying Through Blue Clouds

This might signify spiritual growth and understanding of the purpose of life. With your awakened mind and open chakras, you can now easily channel emotions, view obstacles as challenges, and rise above them spiritually to conquer any hurdles in your path.

Swimming in Cold Blue Light

This may indicate an imminent recovery from a long-term illness. This implies that your treatment and meditation efforts will yield positive results, making you even stronger and healthier than before.

Walking Through Warm Blue Light

This is a concerning sign as it could indicate potential health issues related to the throat chakra, such as problems with teeth, jaw, ears, brain, or central nervous system.

Various things can happen while meditating, but it’s best not to get attached to them. If you perceive any visions or thoughts, simply let them go and keep on meditating. Don’t hope or wish for specific outcomes. If something does occur, don’t avoid it or be scared. Just watch it, let it pass, and refocus on your meditation.

Blue Light Meditation Benefits

Peaceful Mind

Blue light brings a sense of calmness and serenity. Focusing on this color during meditation can help ease your thoughts and be a powerful way to handle stress and anxiety.

Clear Thinking

Blue also represents clarity. Regular blue light meditation can help remove mental confusion, resulting in better focus and decision-making skills.

Better Relaxation

The calming nature of blue light helps both your body and mind unwind, making it easier to enter a meditative state.

Balancing the Throat Chakra

In many spiritual beliefs, blue is related to the throat chakra, which deals with communication and self-expression. Meditating on blue light can help balance this chakra.

Boosts Alertness and Performance

A study in the Sleep Journal revealed that blue light instantly boosted alertness, efficiency, and performance during the day for 32 young adults. Those exposed to blue light for 6.5 hours felt less drowsy, displayed faster response times and experienced fewer focus lapses compared to individuals exposed to green light for the same duration.

*Important Note: Using special light frequencies during meditation can be potent, often leading to positive effects on the body, mind, and spirit. However, it may also cause negative side effects like revealing hidden traumas and emotions or unproven physical consequences like excessive cell growth. Before trying such techniques, gather the necessary information and consult a certified professional and a medical doctor to ensure safety.

​A Guide on How to Practice Blue Light Meditation

Select an Ideal Location

Choose a quiet, cozy spot where you won’t be disturbed. Sit or lie down, close your eyes, and start by taking some deep breaths.

Visualize a Soothing Blue Light

As you relax, start picturing a shining blue light. It can be any shape that feels good to you, like a blue sphere or a beam of light.

Embrace the Calming Energy

Imagine this blue light spreading a calming, warm energy all over your body, from your head to your feet. Picture it melting away any stress or discomfort.

Focus on the Expanding Blue Light

Keep concentrating on the blue light, visualizing it growing and covering you completely, creating an intense feeling of calmness and peace.

Concentrate on your Throat Chakra

If you aim to focus on your throat chakra, visualize the blue light accumulating in your throat area, promoting open and honest communication.

Conclude the Meditation Session Gradually

When you are prepared to conclude, gradually shift your focus back to your breathing. Pause for a moment to observe if there have been any changes in your body or mindset, and then gently open your eyes.


What is blue healing light meditation?

Meditation blue light is a visualization technique that helps you relax by focusing on breathing in blue light and releasing tension or anxiety. It’s a great way to unwind after stress or prepare for a presentation.

What are the benefits of blue light meditation?

Blue light meditation helps create inner warmth that cleanses and heals your body, mind, and nerves. Using special breathing techniques and color imagination, this meditation also boosts your immune system. Start with 5 minutes and slowly increase to 15 minutes.

What does the color blue mean spiritually?

In a spiritual sense, blue means intuition, inspiration, inner peace, and spirituality. At the same time, it’s linked to feelings of sadness and depression (“the blues”). Blue is used in healing for its cooling and calming effects on both body and mind. A blue aura represents serenity, contentment, and spiritual growth.

How does blue light meditation kundalini work?

Blue light meditation Kundalini works by focusing on the energy center located in the throat chakra, which is associated with the color blue. Practitioners concentrate on this area, often visualizing a bright blue light while chanting mantras and performing breathing exercises. The goal is to activate and awaken the Kundalini energy located at the base of the spine, allowing it to rise up through the chakras, which can result in emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.

What does seeing lights during meditation mean?

A popular theory is that seeing lights during meditation is related to the activation of the pineal gland deep inside the brain at the “third eye” level. Some people believe that when you see these lights, it means your “third eye” is opening up.

What does seeing blue purple light during meditation mean spiritually?

Seeing blue-purple light during meditation may indicate that you are tapping into your higher spiritual consciousness, opening your third eye, and connecting with your intuition. These colors are often associated with the sixth (third eye) and seventh (crown) chakras, which deal with inner vision, spiritual connection, and the reception of divine wisdom.

Should I be concerned if I see blue light in meditation? 

Firstly, it’s important to know that experiencing these colors is actually a positive sign. We suggest that you relax, keep meditating, and appreciate the sensations, peacefulness, and vibrant hues. If you see blue or another color while meditating, it’s connected to the process of meditation itself. It just means that energy is looking for new routes to travel. When you see this light, obstacles are being removed, and any harm resulting from living with an unconscious mind is being prevented.


During deep meditation, seeing a blue ray of light suggests you need to direct your energy properly. Don’t waste energy on situations or people who offer nothing in return. Sharing energy with positive individuals benefits both parties, while “energy vampires” leave you drained. Seeing the blue light fade means your energy reserves are low, and it’s time to unblock your chakras.

To recharge, spend time near large water surfaces, meditating with crystals to open your chakras quickly. You might have been through a stressful period without self-care, so focus on rehabilitating your body and spirit properly.