Yoga for Soccer Players – The fantasic Benefits and easy to perform Poses

Yoga For Soccer Players

Did you know that many players have benefitted from adding Yoga into their fitness and training regimens? Soccer/football players need plenty of training, practice, and time on the field to build up their strength, precision, and stamina. Yoga, on the other hand, is an ancient practice that builds up health and promotes well-being in humans. […]

What is Naked Yoga? Learn why it’s worth practicing this Yoga style

What Is Naked Yoga

Naked Yoga is becoming increasingly popular worldwide due to its distinct nature and benefits. If you’re curious to find out ‘what is Naked Yoga’ and ‘what is point of Naked Yoga practice?’   This article will guide you through everything you need to know about naked Yoga before trying it out. Learn how to prepare for […]

Yoga vs Running – Which one is best for you?

Yoga VS Running

I have been through a life full of ups and downs, which affected my health badly. I tried a lot of crash diets, gym, and whatnot to get back in shape and maintain healthy body weight. However, everything seemed to fail, and I somehow became comfortable between Yoga and running. Now comes the billion-dollar question, […]

All About Shoulder Impingement and How Can Yoga for Shoulder Impingement be your best friend?

Yoga For Shoulder Impingement

When you lift your arm above and your shoulder blades scrape against the rotator cuff muscles, it ends up in shoulder impingement. The supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis are the four muscles that regulate your capacity to rotate and lift your arms overhead. In actuality, repetitive overhead arm motions during sports like swimming, tennis, […]

Why do you need a yoga mat? Is it really important?

Why Do You Need A Yoga Mat

Is a yoga mat required? Many individuals believe that using a yoga mat is essential for practicing yoga. It very well may be as all yoga enthusiasts carry this yoga companion with them for their yoga regimen. At some point during the practice, every yoga practitioner tends to have this question pop into their head, […]

Can we do yoga without a mat? Benefits and Drawbacks

Yoga Without A Mat

Ever practice yoga without a mat? If not, try now! Yoga without a mat has numerous advantages and can be more practical and pleasant than before. You don’t need to carry your yoga mat in your car or bring it with you everywhere. Yoga on the bare floor, or even outdoors in nature, has several […]

How to effortlessly become a yogi and make your life spiritual and happier?

How to Become a Yogi

Living in the modern era and keeping up with the world and its ever-changing trends and techniques can cause our spirit to falter until it completely crumbles. So slow down, smidgen a bit, take a deep breath, inhale all the positivity the outside has in store, and let it stomp out all the negativity you […]

Which is the best slow-paced yoga style? Yin vs Restorative Yoga

Yin VS Restorative Yoga

Did you know that yin yoga and restorative yoga are not the same things? Set the alarm off! Many folks don’t!  However, despite their apparent similarities, these styles of yoga are highly distinct. The practices appear to be similar on the surface; they both include prolonged stays,, are slow and introverted activities, and place more […]

Which one is best – Power Yoga vs Vinyasa Yoga?

Power Yoga Vs Vinyasa Yoga

Both Vinyasa and Power Yoga are excellent for enhancing your general health and wellbeing, but they have different sets of benefits as well as limitations. Vinyasa could be a better option for you if you want to connect more with the contemplative aspect of yoga where features like savasana and meditation are incorporated into the […]

12 Amazing Yoga Room Ideas to Help You Stay Calm, Relaxed, and Motivated!

Yoga Room Ideas

One of the finest types of exercise for increasing flexibility and promoting inner serenity is yoga. Yoga can be practiced anywhere and everywhere as it hardly demands any gear. However, considering the issues like outdoor weather, hygiene, safety, and other things, most yoga practitioners prefer a specially designed space for their yoga routine. Today, we […]