How to prevent camel toeing in yoga pants – Let’s avoid embarassing looks

How to Prevent Camel Toeing in Yoga Pants

Camel toeing is a super common and frustrating issue that most women have to deal with from time to time. Sometimes the clothing we wear will gather in places we don’t want it to and bring attention to areas we’d rather they’d not. Although it is a very common problem, it is still embarrassing when […]

Insider On Myths And Facts Of Kundalini Yoga – Dangerous Or Safe?

Why is Kundalini Yoga Dangerous (1)

Kundalini is a Sanskrit term that translates to coiling like a snake, referring to coiled energy housed in the body. Kundalini Yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on awakening energy within the body. While this type of yoga can be beneficial, postures and movements can also be dangerous if not performed correctly.  Like […]

Is Yoga for Tennis Elbow Safe? What are the best practices to follow?

Yoga For Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow can limit an individual’s range of motion and cause discomfort and agony while moving the afflicted arm. Yoga for tennis elbow might sound risky and practically undoable but we would like to clarify in detail that yogic poses could help a great deal with this condition. The information in this article should make […]

Restorative yoga for neck and shoulder pain – Try these fantastic poses

restorative yoga for neck and shoulders

Neck and shoulder pain is a common complaint. Our day-to-day lifestyle is the prime source of constant discomfort that often leads to muscle strains in the back of our head, neck and shoulders—the trapezius muscle, commonly known as traps. It is made of three parts, almost like a gearwheel that is responsible for hauling our […]

Slow Flow Yoga – The Best Yoga for Every One Out There!

Slow Flow Yoga

“Slow” is the new trend in this fast-paced world. There was a time when everything was slow and people wished for fastness, like fast food, brisk walk, updating wardrobes to fashion trends, and whatnot. But now, people are getting back to the slow movement. Slow cooking, slow and sustainable fashion, and similarly slow flow yoga. […]

The fantastic benefits of Ashwagandha – Easy and simply explained

Benefits of Ashwagandha

Medically reviewed by Dr. Verma and Dr. Ram Raj With many Ayurvedic medicines gaining limelight in the western world, Ashwagandha leads the league.  Ashwagandha is a traditional medicinal herb, often categorized as an adaptogen, meaning it can help your body resist physical and mental stress.  There are numerous benefits of Ashwagandha can provide to your […]

Tips on How to Clean your Jade Yoga Mat – Your Guide to a nice and clean mat

How to Clean your Jade Yoga Mat (1)

Yoga has been around for hundreds of years, offering numerous benefits to our overall health. The major factor that makes practicing yoga super accessible is the fact that it doesn’t demand much—other than a yoga mat. This probably explains why more people are getting hooked on this hassle-free form of exercise. Yoga does not require […]

What Component Of Fitness Is Yoga? Strength, Endurance, or Flexibility?

What Component of Fitness is Yoga

I’m not sure about you, but I’m not always in the mood to work out. It sometimes seems forced and like a hassle. But I’ve discovered that seeing fitness from a specific lens is beneficial. It was important for me to get rid of my connection to gym class and discover an activity I genuinely […]

Why am I so inflexible? Reasons and Ways to Limber Up For a Happy Body

Why Am I So Inflexible

Have you ever looked at a ballerina and wondered how beautiful and flexible her body is? The first thing that hits my mind when I see them move in a breezy way is, why am I so inflexible? Ever since I have searched for various reasons behind the stiffness and what I can do. So, […]

Yoga Before or After Workout? Read more the fanstastic benefits!

Yoga Before Or After Workout

If you are reading this article, we would like to believe that you are not a beginner in the world of fitness. You probably have been practicing some form of exercise, may even have a solid fitness routine. Or maybe not!  Honestly – you could also be just exploring your options to choose before beginning […]