A simple guide for 30 minutes of beginner yoga every day

30 Minute Beginner Yoga

Today’s world is fast-paced, and it is a real challenge to find time for everything we want to do regularly. We tend to compromise on essential things such as following a good diet, a healthy lifestyle, a fitness routine, and a pleasant sleep. So, here we are with a simple 30-minute beginner yoga routine that […]

Avoid embarrassing panty lines in yoga pants – Which undies are helpful?

Avoiding Panty Lines in Yoga Pants

Yoga is an ancient practice that is believed to have originated in India. It is regarded as a body and mind practice as it combines a mix of meditation, physical postures, and breathing techniques to achieve relaxation. There are a variety of different types of yoga depending on your skill level and what you want […]

B Yoga Mat: Reviews and Specifications

B Yoga Mat Review

Unlike other types of fitness practices, yoga is uber minimalistic. Most effective physical exercises require various equipment, but yoga is as simple as wellness practices can get. With one simple mat, you can do almost any yoga pose you want. This makes yoga easy and undemanding. Finding the right mat can be tough. Not all […]

Best Practices And Benefits Of Yoga – Yoga before and after

Yoga Before And After

You are probably wondering if you should start yoga, or maybe you have started and are looking for something to justify the ache of the unused muscles. You might not think that this is worth it, but there are a lot of benefits to regular yoga practice. Through this piece of content, we have detailed […]

Best Yoga Exercises to Reduce Breast Size safely

Yoga Exercises To Reduce Breast Size

Are you uncomfortable with larger and untoned breasts? Then you are at the right place because we are about to share some of the best yoga exercises to safely reduce your breast size and tone them up! Every woman’s breast size is different; it might be sagging, huge, petite, or loose. Genetics can have an […]

Can plus sized people do Yoga and benefit from it?

Can Fat People Do Yoga (2)

Yes! People of all shapes and sizes can benefit from yoga. However, if you are overweight and new to the practice, there are certain poses you can start with that will help build strength, flexibility, and balance. This article will discuss some of the common misconceptions about can fat people do yoga. First of all […]

Can you become taller by doing Yoga? Let’s explore and increase our height

Can Yoga Make You Taller

Yoga is a boon to mankind. It has never failed to offer us comfort, strength, and calm, both mentally and physically. We still keep hunting for more with the hope that yoga will sprinkle its magic on our bodies. It may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but yoga enthusiasts would agree. Yoga is […]

How do you feel after yoga – Joyful, Euphoric, or Sloppy?

How Do You Feel After Yoga

Yoga is a great routine that many fitness enthusiasts like for the immense benefits it has to offer. But there is a standard question that keeps circling as to how do you feel after yoga? Honestly, only you would know what yoga means to you and how you feel after yoga practice. Each person comes […]

Are Yoga Mats Waterproof & Machine Washable? If Yes, Learn How

Are Yoga Mats Waterproof

Yoga is superb for body and mind, offering low-impact exercise that boosts flexibility, strength, balance, and well-being. However, doing Yoga outside or in humid conditions can make your mat wet and slippery, posing risks and challenges. There are numerous Yoga mats available, but if you need one to handle sweat effectively, you may wonder: are […]