Don’t try these 5 Yoga Poses when you are pregnant – Warning ahead!

Yoga poses to avoid during pregnancy

Congratulations, soon-to-be mama! Pregnancy is a beautiful experience for women who are about to step into the world of motherhood. Having said that, you will start to notice that your body is changing every week when you are growing a child. Your organs start to make room by shifting and squeezing together for your expanding […]

Flying Pigeon Pose – The Best Stretch for your Hips and Lower Back

Flying Pigeon Pose

Have you ever witnessed inversion poses in yoga classes or ads for fitness? I always found it amusing and very interesting to try by myself. However, it is not simple! You need to break many physical and mental barriers to achieve that. The flying pigeon pose is yet another counterbalance pose that works against gravity, […]

Heart Opening Yoga Poses – Benefits and 18 Asanas

Heart Opening Yoga Poses

Among all the benefits that Yoga promises, have you heard about its ability to bring love into your life? The potential to open your heart when you feel vulnerable?  Well, that is not an exaggeration.  This study has found that Yoga can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and improve the quality of life.  Heart opening […]

The scientific Guide to Yoga Backbend Poses – Great studies and the best poses

Medical parts written by Dr. Mishra Are you sitting at your desk for prolonged working hours daily? Do you wake up to body or muscle stiffness every morning? If yes, then Yoga Backbend Poses could be an excellent relief for your lifestyle. I found these muscle stretching and relaxing exercises helpful in gaining and maintaining […]

Acro Yoga – A simple guide to three person Yoga poses

Three Person Yoga Poses

Namaste! Come fall in love with yoga all over again. Ready to take your yoga practice a notch up? Then Acroyoga is the way to go!We all know that one of the best aspects of yoga is spending quality time with yourself, finding your inner peace through a life-changing form of exercise. It’s a thrilling […]

Advanced Hip Opening Yoga Poses – Try these Asanas

Advanced Hip Opening Yoga Poses

Hips are one of the important and complex parts of the body. They help to define posture and balance of the body. Tight hips cause the lower back to tighten too. This is because the psoas is tight. Psoas is the long muscle between the lumbar spine and the femur through the pelvis. The tension in […]

Best Yoga Poses For Hip Pain – Perform these Asanas to ease your pain

Yoga Poses For Hip Pain

Did you know that the hip is the biggest ball-and-socket joint in your body? And because of this, it can resist considerable wear and tear without causing you to feel anything. But occasionally, the damage is too severe, and your hip starts to hurt. Bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons, or any combination of these structures may […]

Easy Yoga Poses everyone can do – So no more excuses! Medically reviewed

Medically reviewed by Dr. Rai Medically reviewed by Dr. Mishra People worldwide have been adopting Yoga as a regular workout regime, and we don’t need to elaborate on the sack of benefits they reap from it. While social media pages are flooded with complex headstands and luring poses by regular Yoga practitioners and experts, it […]

An Easy Guide to Different Yoga Swing Poses and Their Benefits

An Easy Guide to Different Yoga Swing Poses and Their Benefits

Are you feeling less than enamored with your yoga mat? It is common to get bored with your conventional yoga routine, particularly if you have been practicing for some time now. Let us introduce you to a refined form of asanas to renew your relationship with yoga. Most of us are familiar with the benefits […]