What to Wear to Yoga

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The 8 Best Rules Behind What To Wear To Yoga

Stepping into a Yoga studio for the first time could already be quite challenging as the flexibility and the core strength of Yoga practitioners in itself is intimidating. Settling there could take some time but you surely don’t want to feel even more uncomfortable with what you wear and how you carry yourself around. Most of the newbies find it confusing to figure out what to wear to Yoga? So here we are trying to decode some of the best rules that could help you pick right!

Our 8 Rules on to choose Yoga clothing

Clothing is and always has been a personal choice. However, it isn’t easy to feel comfortable wearing a certain type of silhouettes for certain activities. For example, when you do a downward dog pose or a headstand, you surely don’t want your t-shirt to slip on to your head and expose your chest. Similarly wearing low waist bottoms could be really embarrassing, not only for you but also to the person practicing right behind you! 

There is definitely no hard rule behind wearing tight or loose fitting clothes but the ultimate goal must be to wear something that is like your second skin. You must not keep adjusting and fidgeting with your dress. Rather you must be able to focus entirely on your session. So let’s understand the rules that will help you pick the right clothing for you:

  1. Breathability – The clothing you choose must be breathable enough to absorb all the sweat. Though every Yoga style isn’t going to be very intense, there are certain types such as hot Yoga and bikram Yoga that might make you sweat. Clothes that can absorb this moisture and keep you fresh are recommended from a comfort point of view as well as to maintain the body hygiene. 
  2. StretchabilityYoga is a mode of exercise that involves a lot of stretching, bending, rolling, and all kinds of activities that help you improve your physical functionality. The clothes you wear must be able to support you in doing these with ease. If you are wearing fitted clothes then you must ensure that the material has a minimum of 15% spandex in order to keep you flexible during the workout. This ideally wouldn’t apply to those who choose loose fitted clothes.
  3. Coverage – It is an entirely personal choice to decide on how much skin you want exposed during your workout. The market offers a wide variety of shorts, pants, t-tank tops, t-shirts, and more. While some people find it comfortable in shorts and a t-tank, there are others who prefer staying covered. It is better to choose clothing that resonates with your mindset and keeps you feeling safe rather than feeling too exposed.
  4. Comfort – The ultimate goal in understanding the rules behind what to wear to Yoga is to make you feel comfortable. Wearing something just because it has the highest reviews in the market or trying to fit in just because everyone else is wearing similar stuff is not advisable. Remember whatever you wear must make you feel at peace. Ultimately, you must feel happy and confident to move around and get into the poses with ease.
  5. Fit – The retail sports clothing industry has a variety of silhouettes in different fits to cater to the needs of every person trying to get healthy. The fit of the garment plays a major role in making you feel confident and comfortable. You wouldn’t want a loose fitted bottom and stumble over in high mobility classes such as the Vinyasa Flow Yoga. However, you can still opt for it if it has a cinched ankle fit and allows you to flow freely from one pose to another. Right from ankle fit and full length to loose and body fitted clothing the options are varied to choose from, 
  6. Styling – Yoga usually resonates with earthy and neutral color tones and that’s how it has been represented over the years. It is sometimes even stereotyped that this is a form of workout for old school people with an unimaginably dull and boring mindset. However, this perception has changed over time and now the Yoga clothing options are quite interesting with a lot of style quotient. We get to see some interesting design options like mesh, straps, and knots included to bring in an alluring design. The color palette has also evolved with interesting and quirky colors like neon green, bright pink, yellows and oranges too. 
  7. Maintenance – Whale investing in the right Yoga clothing is one task, the other crucial part is to know how you need to care for these clothes. Would you like to prefer hand wash every time you use them? Not all would be comfortable with it. So before spending money read the wash care label and understand if it is something that you can do to maintain the life of the clothes. If not, however you like it, you will not be able to enjoy it for long!
  8. Budget – Last but not the least comes the budget. Investing in the right clothing is essential but see that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Do not feel overly stressed to invest in big brands. At the end of the day all you are looking for is comfort clothing to stretch and pose.

Guide To Choose The Right Piece of Clothing

With so many options in the market for women practicing yoga, have you ever wondered what guys wear to yoga? It’s quite simple! Yoga pants, yoga shorts, yoga tanks, and yoga t-shirts are available for men as well. Women however have a greater choice to decide what to wear to a yoga class.

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are the most comfortable piece of clothing that you might want to wear throughout the day even if you are not working out. Do check for the below mentioned list:

  • Non-See Through – It is comfortable and also a lot more professional if you can pick the non-see through pants. Nobody would be really interested to see your skin once you start sweating. 
  • High Raise – This helps your bottom from sleeping down when you transition from one pose to another. 
  • Cut and style (Flared or ankle fit) – Most of the pants have a certain style definition. See what appeals you the most. If you are too tall you can always choose the flared or wide bottomed pants and if you are petite then prefer ankle fit pants. This will balance the proportions right and make you look beautiful.
  • Pockets – The pocketed pants are really functional for you to keep your mask or keys. Some of the brands do offer pockets large enough to keep your phones but we recommend you to keep them away in your locker or car when you are practicing Yoga. It would be a lot less distracting.
  • No Camel-toe – Check for reviews and understand the feedback, Invest some time to know what the pants actually feel like before actually buying them.

Yoga Tops

T-tanks and T-shirts are available abundantly when it comes to choosing the right Yoga tops. From body hugging materials, beautiful textures and patterns, we see an array of collections. If you are practicing a low-intense Yoga like yin or restorative Yoga, then you can opt for loose fitted t-shirts. But if you are someone engaging in high intense vinyasa flows then its better to wear something fitted. For women especially, it is best to choose a fitted Yoga top that doesn’t fall on your head while you are engaging in a headstand. 

In women’s collections off-late we even get to see built-in bras in Yoga tops to avoid layering and are supportive enough to enjoy your workout. Do check them out if interested!

Yoga Shorts

This is a tricky piece of clothing. Yoga shorts are very comfortable but you must pay attention to their length, material, and texture carefully. Most of the men’s shorts usually come with an extra lining for comfort. On the other hand, women’s shorts are more fitted and stretchy. However, you must ensure that the material is not too slippery or it’s not too thin. You would definitely not want see-through shorts or something that rides up your butt every time you bend. 

Yoga Jackets

This category of clothing is like a savior after class and not in the actual workouts. These are mostly like your pullovers, shrugs, jackets etc that are used to give an extra layer of clothing post workout and are mostly useful in winter season to prevent you from a cold shock after you exit from your warm studio. Even in regular scenarios you might use them to feel comfy to go running an errand.


What to wear under your yoga pants is equally important when compared to the outer layers of clothing. Prefer your undergarments in a material that doesn’t keep slipping and sliding on your skin every time you move into a pose. Prefer moisture wicking fabrics and look out for some quality stuff to prevent chafing. For women, it is advisable to wear a supportive sports bra that fits wells to avoid sagging or discomfort during workouts. 


What should I wear to Yoga if I am skinny?

If you are someone who is underweight and too skinny then prefer choosing some loose fitted bottoms with a fitted t-tank. Ensure that the bottoms are cinched at the ankle to avoid tripping over. You find a lot of readymade dhoti patterns for Yoga. You could always try them on!

What should I wear to Yoga if I am overweight?

Being overweight could be a lot of trouble to many. Styling in loose-fitting clothes makes them look a lot plumpier and on the other hand body hugging fits aren’t really comfortable due to sagging or loose skin. It is recommended to go for the regular fit clothes until you start embracing your body. If you are confident enough to carry you can wear anything like a boss and there is no one stopping you from that!

What should I wear on my feet while doing Yoga?

Yoga socks are just an option if you really want something on your feet. However, we would recommend you do Yoga barefoot to feel grounded and connected. To prevent slipping you can opt for an anti-skid Yoga mat instead of Yoga socks. 

Remember, if you still want to try Yoga socks opt for the anti skid variants that have a special design on the lower side to give you the grip and avoid unforeseen accidents.

Does the type of Yoga impact what to wear to Yoga?

Yes, it does! Depending on the type of Yoga and place of Yoga or whether it is a group session or a private session, every single detail matters when you decide what to wear to Yoga. Imagine it’s just you in your living room and a Yoga dvd, you could even opt for nude Yoga (although there are nude Yoga sessions conducted in groups as well). If you are practicing Yoga with your partner then you could be comfortable to show a little skin and might feel good as well with the release of happy hormones. The same doesn’t apply when you are attending classes in a Yoga studio with a possible bunch of strangers.  

What to wear to hot yoga?

Just as the name suggests hot yoga is quite an intense session and keeps you sweating. Pick your clothes wisely and keep the layering to minimal. Moisture-wicking attribute is a must in what you wear to a hot yoga session but avoid pure cotton clothing as it needs time to dry out. We personally like to recommend a pair of yoga shorts and a tank top!

What to wear with flared yoga pants?

Flared yoga pants have never been out of trend. These pants give a statement when you wear them and styling them needs a little attention. Wearing flared yoga pants will make you look great when styled with fitted t-shirts and tanks. You can always go for a layering with pieces like oversized cardigans or blazers too!

What shoes should I wear with my yoga pants?

Technically, yoga doesn’t really require you to wear shoes. But, yoga clothing is so comfy that many people love to wear them throughout the day to run errands or to office as well especially guys. Yoga pants are versatile and you can keep your look classy by styling them with simple sneakers. Ankle fit yoga pants can be styled with sneakers, slides, or any athletic shoes. On the other hand, flared yoga pants are best styled with clogs, ankle boots, or sneakers.

What to wear to aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga as you know requires a lot of flexibility and movement. When you feel like you are flying in the air like a bird, you wouldn’t like extra layers of your clothing to catch or stop you. Choose clothing that is fitted and not loose. Fitted yoga pants and tanks are the best options for aerial yoga. If you are someone who is experienced in aerial yoga then you can try with flared yoga pants that are cinched at the ankle. Remember, you must wear the perfect and supportive undergarments as well which will keep your aerial flow more comfortable and safe.


Ultimately, it’s in your choice to decide the mood you want to carry and create. Choose the colors and fit according to your taste and flaunt yourself while also building your inner peace. Yoga doesn’t have any restrictions!